First Date Tour 2014

A lot has happened since I was last able to update the blog. But, most importantly, is the fact that my short movie, First Date, has finally been accepted into a Film Festival.

I got the news exactly when I needed to: when I least expected it. I was about ready to step off the damn stool in regards to the short, accepting that maybe, just maybe, no one liked it and wouldn’t be accepted or programmed anywhere. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, and a hard truth to come to terms with, but it was something I needed to tackle. Over a Boston Lager, or two, in the Brooklyn Bowl at the o2 Arena, before catching that nights Smackdown! tapings. And that’s when I had the e-mail come through.

First Date, the little punk rock, DIY, short that could had finally been accepted into the first of, hopefully, a few film festivals. It was an e-mail that I had long been hoping, if not praying for, and words cannot express how happy I was, how vindicated I felt, in having it accepted. Somebody else got it. Somebody ‘got’ the message of the movie, they ‘got’ the fun nature and tone as to why it exists. And because of this I’m going to be going out to support the movie when it plays in their short film block at the long standing Gen-Con Film Festival. Originally a board game/game convention, they have since, like many conventions, opened up into having a film program, and it’s crazy to think that the Americans understand the movie better than its hometown festivals.

A local festival that guaranteed me that First Date would play decided to take forever, and ignore e-mails, before I was finally able to find out they had no intention on honouring their initial assurance. And that was for a local festival designed to highlight local talent, etc, etc. Apparently they didn’t see a target audience for their teenage demographic in a short film that has already had comparisons to the UK’s Inbetweeners and American Pie. Really? It’s the short sighted nature of that decision that boggles my mind, and the fact that half way around the world somebody ‘gets’ it elates me to no end.

And so, come August, I will be hopefully flying out to Indianapolis, a place I never thought I would ever go, in order to support a short film I thought people wouldn’t support due to its message, tone, and sense of fun. If it gets accepted elsewhere, I fully intend to be there to further support it. I wish I could schedule a full First Date Tour, but alas I think the short has to be accepted the festivals I may wish to attend first. But what a trip that would be. Bring on Indianapolis!


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