Next Stop: Indianapolis.

photo 2

This photo captures an important moment for me. It captures the defining point where, as a filmmaker, I can claim some form of vindication, no matter how small. With the click of the ‘Submit’ button, I go from a dreamer to a more practical ‘do-er’.

Nick did the honours, and I’m happy he’ll be joining me on my adventure as I get to now travel across the globe in order to support my short movie, First Date. This (b)Romantic Comedy adventure is, hopefully, just getting started; with summer now almost fully upon us (though try convincing the British weather to comply, Mother Nature is a bi-polar bitch up in here!) a lot more festivals are finally beginning their selection process, and I’m hoping that Gen Con is simply the first of many more. If that is the case, I fully intend to tour as extensively as I can (read: can afford) in order to bring First Date and its core message of fun, punk rock, film making to the masses.

Recently I attended Jess Loi’s (who edited First Date) birthday BBQ, and surrounded by friends we hosted a screening of the extended (not film festival cut) version of First Date for their enjoyment. It was an awesome experience; watching it on that projector, the biggest screen I’ve seen it on so far, had me smiling a goofy grin for about the first five minutes non stop. That being said, it still grates me when I see its flaws, only magnified on the big screen. Sound was a major one, and a problematic issue I was worried would cost First Date a position in many festivals. Hell, it may still do, but one festival found its message and execution solid enough to include. And if one can believe, then others can too. It reminds me of this awesome moment from in honour of visionary dreamer, Jim Henson:

My good friend, and podcasting co-host, Nick Farrow, will be coming with me on the long flight around the world, documenting the entire process with a series of video blogs that we will upload to the First Date YouTube channel. We fully intend to experience all that Indianapolis has to offer us. Hopefully it’s not just prostitutes and drug dealers in motel carparks, as Trip Advisor’s reviews would suggest.

I would love for any body reading this to keep in contact, especially with the trip looming large only a month and a bit away. Please, subscribe and let your friends know about WriteSteveWrite if you think they’ll get a kick out of it, especially the humble, honest, frustrated and punk rock film making perspective I try to purvey with each post.

A bunch of things to look forward to then, I can’t wait for the adventure to start. Community references, Doctor Who substories and a hardcore friendship help to root First Date and its potty mouth in place, heart on sleeve and all. If you haven’t, do check out the trailer and Behind The Scenes vids, and fingers crossed this could be the next step to something bigger, whether that’s with First Date, or it’s with Gamers.



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