Let’s Babble The Fuck On, London.

IMG_0009On Tuesday, July 2nd, at the Eventim Apollo I was able to be in attendance for a show that has recently heavily influenced me: Hollywood Babble-On.

Hosted by Ralph Garmin and Kevin Smith, Hollywood Babble-On is their unique take on that weeks most pressing Celebrity and Tinseltown related news and rumours, with both hosts unafraid to mock the happenings within the town they call home. Segments include analysing the madcap antics of Lindsey Lohan, Justin Beiber and the ever talented (note: sarcasm) Kim Kardashian as well as providing a deluge of information in the form of the Headlines and Geek News segments. It really is as fun as it is informative, and if you’ve never listened to Hollywood Babble-On, or even a Podcast, then theirs is a great place to start.

I’ve seen Kevin Smith in audience before, with his numerous ‘An Evening With…’ series, and have had previous opportunities to attend the few London shows that he has hosted in the past, most recently (prior to this) being his Red State screening and Q+A. Incidentally, it was the Red State tour that inspired me to try and tour with First Date. It didn’t really work out in the same way, sure, but one of us has an already developed, hardcore, audience, and the other is…well, me. That would be the dream though, to make movies/write novels and to be able to tour the world with them.

Smith has been instrumental in moulding my fragile little mind, discovering his movies, as with so many, during my teenage years and finding his disillusioned, slacker characters resonating instantly with my own world views at the time. Admittedly, some things never change, and I find myself just as much a fan of Smith and his work now as I ever have been, even if his primary output now consists of an incredible Podcast Network, the Smodcast Network.

He has spoken on numerous occasions of how important it is to simply do, not dream of doing; to be, and not to fantasise of what it could be like. For listeners familiar with his on stage appearances and, numerous, Podcasts, you will no doubt have heard his speech before, but it doesn’t make it any less inspiring.

The only glimmer of doubt I could cast upon his words comes from the undeniable fact that he is Kevin Smith and I, we, you, and me, are not. What that means is simple: he has capital in spades. He’s put the groundwork down where, if he wanted to make a movie about a Walrus suit (Tusk) or start an entertainment/Podcast empire, then he can. As simple as that. To create a movie for the rest of us is not as easy a task as he makes out, unfortunately. Gamers is proof enough of that. The convoluted puzzle that is finding a producer, let alone a competent producer who

A) cares about your project

B) will see it through


C) has sufficient experience to not completely fuck it all up

is a more difficult challenge that anyone can really anticipate. It’s the core reason I have allowed Gamers to suddenly, and upsettingly, sit on the back burner, my attentions turned (when I’m not distracted like a kitten chasing a laser pen) to my novel: Temporary.

One point Kevin Smith makes cannot be argued with, however: in this day and age of accessible technology, it IS relatively easy to create your own Podcast. So I did.

It may not get the guaranteed traffic or listeners that any of his Smodcast related shows garners, but, once again, that is because he is Kevin Smith, and we are not.  It was with this concept in mind that approx. 15-16 weeks ago I asked my good friend, Nick Farrow, to attempt Podcasting with me.

Now, I’ve had some experience in the world of podcasting, having hosted a small, humble, but popular, in an underground ‘have you heard of…’ sort of way, wrestling show, entitled: Blind Tag! Podcast. This show wouldn’t be so niche however, I wanted to springboard off of what Smodcast laid the foundation for, and so The Totally RanDumb Podcast was born.


Every week me and Nick scour the internet for the most random, stupid, sexy and funny stories that we can find, judging them simply off of the headline and, possibly, the byline. We then meet up in order to sit in front of my Macbook Pro and our Yeti mics and discuss them in detail; two idiots, attempting to understand the world around them.

The show was great; Hollywood Babble-On, as always, was good fun and we were even treated to their new Jason Mewes produced animated movie, Jay And Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie (a ‘meh’ movie predicated on appealing directly to the hardcore; those that would accept anything by these guys because beloved characters are slapped onto it) and a short, but sweet, Q+A that even managed to fit in a marriage proposal from some guy in the front row and a few quick rounds of Let Us Fuck.


A Taste Of The South, courtesy of Joe’s Southern Kitchen & Bar

It was an awesome day that factored in BJJ time with my Mat Brothers, time with my girlfriend, trying gnarly Southern American eats (as in Confederate-y) influenced restaurant at Joe’s Southern Kitchen & Bar, and watching people who have inspired me do what they do best.

So if you’re curious about the Podcast world and are looking for something to laugh with or, more likely, at, be sure to check out The Totally RanDumb Podcast, being sure to scope out our Partnership pals: Treebeard Balms and Waxes while you’re at it.



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