Glamping? Nah, Let’s Go Virtual Camping.

I’ve mentioned over the past few months that I have been attempting to make it a frequent habit to stow myself away in my office, slaving away on what I hope will become my debut novel, Temporary. Like a drug addled junkie, only craving an opportunity to commit more words to a story than dealing with the Heisenberg’s fabled Blue Sky.

In the past these motivated sprints have come in relative spurts (calm down!) where I’ve written every day in a row, or a few times a week, attempting to treat it as the job it should be. That I want it to be. To be able to wake up, write, train BJJ and then write some more pretty much comprises what would be my perfect day. Factor in being on set, shooting a movie for a script that I’ve written, and truly care for, and you’ve accumulated a blueprint that would be, de facto, my perfect life. With this in mind, I’ve attempted to increase my writing on a per day basis. Whether it’s writing a new blog for WriteSteveWrite, or adding a new piece over at UkAnifest or, the holy grail, sitting down to lose myself in a creative mind space for three/four/five hours to continue exploring this world I’m crafting for this Super Hero story, with so much influence taken from MMA and BJJ for Temporary’s action sequences, what matters is the act of walking the walk, rather than talking the talk. I’ve been actively trying to write, to hone my tone and style and, importantly, to creep ever further to completing this novel. As it stands right now I have written around 73,000 words, and still have a way to go. The finish line is in sight, but, as with most things, it’s about putting aside the time, and motivating yourself into the chair.

But wait, I hear you cry, just what the fuck is your book about? Well, firstly, please watch your language, you salty sea dog fuck you. Secondly, here’s a synopsis:

Making his way in the world with an underpaying mechanics job, Kenny “K.O” Orton finds his life turned upside down like the rest of the world’s when a solar event triggers super human abilities in random people worldwide, Kenny being one of them. That was 182 days ago. The question now becomes: what does a man do with the time that he has when gifted with powers; do they become corrupted as man, or rise above as a super man? This is a story about friendship; set in a fantastical, yet familiar world, grounded in reality and, most importantly, it is a story about choices.

The spark that helped me to start writing last November, like so many aspiring writers, was NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). An awesome concept that exists to inspire, motivate and, potentially, guilt trip people into writing in order to complete a 50,000 word goal by the months end. I had been working on my feature screenplay, Gamers, diligently for majority of the year and felt that I needed an opportunity to step away and explore another project, and so latched onto the concept of NaNoWriMo.

I didn’t make the 50,000 mark by the end of November. I think I barely cracked 25-30k. But what NaNoWriMo provided me was deeper than a word count: it gave me the push I needed to start in the first place. Now that I had started, I wanted to keep going and, although weeks could go by at any given point, I continued to grind away. Every time I wrote, it brought me closer to the 50k mark until finally, on the 23rd of April, I surpassed the initial finishing line.


It didn’t take me long to realise that the new goal would probably take me to as high as 100,000 words. I didn’t even think I had 100 in me.

July has brought with it an interesting concept in Camp NaNoWriMo. A virtual camp scenario where writers sign up and are assigned places into random cabins with other writers. The aim is simple: use the month of July, as well as the support of your fellow writers, to attempt and reach a project/word goal by the end of the month. Be it a script, a play or a novel, as long as you are committed and writing, then that’s all that matters. So far I’ve not been able to commit as much time as I would have liked (though I’m sure ‘real life got in the way’ is an excuse used by many aspiring creative types) though what I have dedicated has yielded some great material, if I do say so myself. Which I do. So there.

I’m looking forward to where the rest of the month will take me, and I’m hoping to reach my goal of completing the novel in the next few months, so please do check back and catch up on the process of Temporary as the days and weeks go by.

If you’ve got any questions or are interested in knowing more about Temporary, don’t hesitate to shout out and reach out in the Comments below.


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