It’s Business, It’s Business Time.

Today happens to be my birthday; the day where I have officially survived any and all calamity, and avoided death successfully for 28 years straight. Go me!

Today should be a day of celebration, but instead I found my morning taken over with the most frustrating of exercises: dealing with customer support.

Sony’s customer support for their Playstation Network is bad. Really bad. Long, expensive wait times; inconsistency between calls, and confusion due to mixed expectations set by differing customer support helpers have all led to a frustrating experience as a long time, loyal, Sony fan.

Eight years I’ve been using my PSN ID, something that may be taken from me now due to fraudulent activity related to my account, thanks to somebody hacking it. Now, due to actions that were not my own, I may be looking at losing out on eight years worth of purchases and usage, because of some assclown somewhere in the world; and all I was trying to do was protect my money, and ensure my own security; because God knows Sony isn’t, despite their mistake in 2011. This is money I had worked hard for and that no one else has a right to use. You hear that, Sony?

I’m working on a blog to capture this endeavour I’ve been going through in order to get my account unbanned and, in humble truth, allow the right thing to happen. The unjust nature of it all is the reason myself and my girlfriend have become so up in arms over the entire event; with virtually no accountability on their side, it’s quickly becoming an exercise in frustration and insanity.

But enough about that. I’ve already called and had yet a further contradictory message relayed to me, so Happy Birthday to me, eh, Sony. Thanks, buddy. As I write this, my girlfriend is on hold once again (over a half hour at this point) baying for blood.

But now it’s time we get talking about business time.

Props to anyone who immediately got the reference of the Blog’s title, you get to attend the next band meeting. For those not familiar, be sure to check out this video and watch the rest of the genuinely funny series:

I’ve finally got some official business cards printed up to promote the developing awesomeness for WriteSteveWrite, done in order to hand out to any and everybody at future events, starting with Indiana’s Gen Con 2014!

So be sure to come say ‘hey’ in Indiana, grab a card and follow the blog in order to stay up to date with First Date, Gamers and the on going saga that is my first novel: Temporary.

The Sony conundrum is frustrating to say the least, so look forward to Part One of my adventures dealing with them, but at least I’ve got the excitement of the first ever live Podcast Pizza Party to look forward to on Sunday!



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