Playstation “Support”, Part One

I still have no idea about this movie, nor why anyone would want to watch it. Val Vilmer, maybe?

A few weeks ago I was the unfortunate victim of fraudulent activity on my Playstation Network account; three purchases were made without my knowledge or consent: Battlefield 4, Marvel: Lego Superheroes and some movie called Wyatt Earp’s Revenge.

Now, bearing in mind the massive phishing attack that hit the Playstation Network a few years ago in which millions had their account details compromised, leading to the Playstation Outage, my natural reaction was to get it sorted as soon as humanly possible.

The purchases were made at around 7:30am and, considering I was actually up for once at that time (at 8am) and playing the just released UFC game on the PS4, I was able to be alerted to this activity early as it appeared in my e-mails. An e-mailed response wasn’t enough, in my eyes, considering it factored in money and personal security, so I called up their helpline and was forced to wait on hold for the better part of 20 minutes, all whilst the soul numbing hold music looped over and over, and over.

Once through I got to talk to a bored (already? The day had just started!) and disgruntled employee with a thick Scottish brogue to his voice. The first obstacle I found was making this guy actually give a shit that my account had just been hacked. Yeah, hi: this is my security we’re talking about. Not only that, but money I had worked hard for has been stolen, and the first thing I have to do is to make you care about my ordeal? Sounds like you need to reassess your place in life, guy; you should be talking me down, not having me attempt to charm you over. Jerk.

Eventually notes were made and (empty) thanks were given, which illicits’ a dry response of ‘No bother’, as the call ends with an emphatic note of: “I have no time frame for you, but you’ll eventually hear back from us.”

Sorry, what?

No time frame for something as serious as account hacking and unlawful spending of my money? You’d think that would be pretty important to a company as large as Sony. Don’t get me wrong, I’m aware of how these things work: you enter a queue of other disgruntled Sony users until you finally get to the front of the line. That’s cool. But at least give us a rough estimation of time, even if you tell me it’s a week or two!

Because of this, I decided to contact my bank directly in order to perform the equivalent of ‘heading them off at the pass’. The bank cancelled the orders, and didn’t charge me for purchases that were not mine. All was right with the world. Until my girlfriend accidentally hit the ‘X’ button on the controller and somehow, someway, started a redownload process for the fraudulent purchases before we left for lunch. Now, I know what you’re thinking at this point: “yeah, yeah, okay.” But I will go to my death bed swearing that this honest mistake occurred, and it’s one that has come back to bite me on the ass. Hard.

The downloads are now attributed to my Playstation’s ID, which means that, as far as Sony are concerned, the ID corresponds with the units in my home which means, de facto, that I downloaded the games and so should pay the cost for something I NEVER WANTED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

My girlfriend, attempting to remedy the issue she accidentally caused, calls the PSN Support line once more and is on hold for another 30 or so minutes before getting through to, from what I can hear (thanks to speak phone), is the same guy I spoke to earlier. His Scottish accent and usage of the phrase, “No bother”, serving as proof positive. After explaining the situation, he proceeded to enlighten us with the fact that there were no notes regarding the earlier situation.

Sorry, what?

You’re telling me I was on hold for 20+ minutes earlier, attempted to win you over when you clearly couldn’t care less, spoke with me about my security and financial hacking situation and then didn’t make any notes so you could correlate the two issues?!

Really, Sony Guy? Really?!

Notes are made this time around, supposedly, and I continue to not receive an e-mail, ever, in relation to my initial complaints – thinking about it, there’s no way they would know the two issues were now related, so if I hadn’t reached out and had depended solely on e-mail, I would still be in limbo – and life goes on. No problem. Until I find out that I’ve now been banned from my 8 year old Playstation account.

Jesus Christ, this becomes a tangled web, and it’s only just beginning.


2 thoughts on “Playstation “Support”, Part One

  1. When was this. When I called they just took notes. It was a few weeks after that they suddenly called me back. The guys that are using my licenses does not actually steal so then it gets prioritized lower.
    They must have done something to Sony though because now they have filed charges on their own in the US and PlayStation EU has a caseno I refer to.
    So dont write them off just yet.

    • Hi Pigg! Firstly, thank you so much for replying to my blog!

      In answer to your question: the initial communication took place on June 7th. Still haven’t heard anything back in reply to my initial e-mail complaints in that time; nor have I received anything to let me know that they are looking into it. Though through my own tenacity, I’ve managed to determine the reference number and know that everything is being associated with it now.

      The rabbit hole goes a lot deeper, unfortunately, and it will be something I’ll chronicle in the next part of this blog, so do please check back in the future.

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