Life, And What You Make Of It

I saw this last night and couldn’t help but throw it up on my ‘little-blog-that-could’, WriteSteveWrite. As with so many people in this world, I am a dreamer, and this find perfectly captures the reason why being able to revel in the dream matters to people such as myself; those who hold down a job to allow themselves to be comfortable, though not necessarily wealthy, and showcase how important it is to be able to balance the need for money, with a need for following one’s dreams and passions; in my case writing and making movies. Helped along, it seems, by having an understanding, hard working, partner thrown into the equation.

It is a long road, and the challenges and pitfalls are numerous and random. Life has gotten in the way of any productivity for me right now, for example, but I’m hopeful it will all be worth it. Whether it’s due to Temporary, First Date, or even Gamers, or a mixture of all three, as long as I can make these things into a reality, that’s what matters more than anything else.


One thought on “Life, And What You Make Of It

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