“Where The Fuck Is Owen?”

A random series of events have been unfolding and connecting for me these past few weeks; events and moments that have found me standing in front of a camera, a massive green screen behind me and an auto cue speeding away on a laptop screen, just below the ever watchful eye of the camera lens, ready to be edited and uploaded for the enjoyment/dissection/derision of thousands of pro wrestling fans. And here I thought I had come here to discuss an awesome concept that I’ve been developing with these guys…

Having driven over to their studios earlier in the morning, for reasons and motives unrelated to presenting a YouTube show, l was surprised to be asked to record the news for the day, as the regular guy (Owen Rhys Davies) was still on holiday, and the fill in couldn’t make it that day. So, yeah, I was the fill in for the stand in.

It was my first experience dealing with an auto cue and I can tell you, dealing with an auto cue, whilst reading new information AND repeatedly spitting out numerous acronyms (WWE, TNA, NJPW, et al) makes it pretty easy to fuck up. Multiple times. Which I did. Go me!

One thing that former pro wrestler and multi media mogul, Alex Shane, told me prior to the video going live was to expect the Internet to react. No matter what you do, it seems the Internet:

a) hates change

b) will voice an opinion, however needed, or needless

Within minutes of the video going live, I saw how true this was. It’s the first time I’ve been involved with something that has generated such an immediate response, due to the pre-existing audience of WrestleTalk TV subscribers (42,409 as of writing), and the Internet greeted it with a strange mixture of love and hate.

Of course I’ve collected my favourites for your viewing pleasure, did you even have to ask?


should lose the hat then he would good to go

Sorry Minikadra123, but my baseball caps aren’t going anywhere! Believe me, it’s better than looking at my awful hair. Besides, that was beautifully countered with this little gem…


Lovin that hat man

Thanks, Falcons All Day. You’ve got good taste, bro. #CapLife


Better and cuter then the other guy. We found Owens fill-in great!

– – –


Fuck Owen lets keep this guy 😀

– – –


I quite like this new guy (apart from the odd mispronunciation) I’d still rather Owen though.Humans don’t like no change!

– – –


That guy is awesome

To everyone who dug the video, thank you. I was worried about the general response from the Internet, let alone the fickle fandom of wrestling fans (I should know, being just one of the many), but people seem pretty happy overall. From the flattering (cute? Oh, my…) to the honest (I’m looking at you keithealy) to simple, uncomplicated opinion (TinchySneijderFC).

And to think I came in for a meeting about a totally different project, which only means there’s more stuff for you to look forward to between myself and WrestleTalk TV  on the horizon! I am primarily a writer/director, after all. 

– – –

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