Con Life

Next week I’ll be jetting across the pond and travelling half way across the world with my friend, and Podcast co-host, Nick, to the New World: America.

I’ve blogged about my ambitions and dreams when it comes to making movies and, importantly, being able to travel with them, supporting them in different festivals around the world. First Date is going to be making its festival debut at Gen Con 2014, a gaming convention based in Indianapolis that has spawned its own long standing successful Film Festival, and I am honoured to not only have First Date play there, but to also be able to attend a number of panels as a guest.

We’ll be recording our adventures whilst out in Indiana, and aim to provide video updates as the days go by the for the 4 day festival, culminating with an awards ceremony on Sunday. Our travel schedule is pretty crazy, as leave and arrive on the same day, after a stop over in Philadelphia, (thanks to the worm hole that is time difference); little sleep is on the cards before waking early, hailing a cab and hauling ass over to the Convention Centre to pick up our passes and prep for the first Panel, which is at 11am.

Fuck yeah!

So if you happen to be in Indianapolis, or attending the Gen Con convention, please swing by, say ‘hi’, grab one of the thousands of business cards I am the proud owner of, and then settle down to check out the following panels that I’m on:


Film Distribution & Promotion – Panel Thurs 11AM

Life on Set, Shooting your film without getting shot – Panel Thurs 12PM


Film Budget & Finance – Panel Fri 12Pm


Directing Film – Panel Sat 10AM

First Date is playing Saturday at 7pm in the Gen Con Film Festival Short Film Comedy Block, so if you’re looking to unwind and want to check out some honest, raw, punk rock (b)romantic comedy, set against the wonders of London suburbia, be sure to come by and scope it!


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