Gen Con: Day Three (16/08/2014)

I finally got the chance to meet the Doctor yesterday. Well, at the very least a beverage that felt like it was taking me through time and space. The amount of caffeine, and the flavour involved, made it feel all timey wimey, what with my heart racing and senses heightened and whatnot. It was fucking awesome, and all thanks to an indy Indy coffee shop: Bee Coffee Roasters.


Their gimmicked drinks board was awesome, and having seen a drink on offer named ‘The Doctor’, I knew I had to try it. It was glorious, and instantly trumped the number of mainstay franchised coffee shops that are prevalent all over England. Keep your Starbucks, Cafe Neros, Coffee Repubics and even Costas, because if this is how good indy, roasted coffee can be, then I’m in! A shame then that this will only be a treat limited to my time in Indianapolis.

Day Three of the convention consisted of getting up at an ungodly hour in order to make our way to the Convention Centre to be present for the first 9am panel of the day, Kickstarter 101. An interesting panel that had enough information in it to further confuse, and enlighten, me into the machinations of how Kickstarter operates, and the most common pros and cons in using it as means to get any project going.

10am saw me on the film making panel, Directing Film. With a host of other film makers, we discussed the ins and outs of directing actors, being true to a vision, letting go of ego (how very BJJ) and being able to trust in others, as well as a host of other topics to the, admittedly, small attendance. I think that, although more people were there, there was literally one guy who had gone to the effort to get a ticket in order to listen to the this discussion. Kudos to you, dude.

The rest of the day consisted of sitting in on panels at the Writers Symposium, as I was inundated with so much information that could be useful to the success and future of Temporary. An enjoyable, educational and entertaining series of events that, like with the learning experiences prior to it, forced me to hold up an interesting mirror to really reassess what I’m gunning for; for what I want.

As night fell, it finally brought with it the 7pm debut of First Date, and with it an opportunity to witness the movie with a totally non partisan crowd. I had been frank during my panels, and had opened up with the other film makers before hand, stating that ‘yes’, there are sound issues, and ‘yes’ it’s not got the same squeaky sheen that they may expect, but what it does have is a non stop, punk rock soul. With that in mind, I found the first screening to be a relative success.

A success, especially when considering how far I had come in order to get to this point, not just in terms of geographical distance (which is fucking hefty) but in terms of time, monetary AND emotional investment. To see it start filled me with a great warmth, a sense of success, no matter how small washed over like a wave, and I could feel my eyes widen as the realisation that MY little-short-that-could was playing at a festival.

Sure, I cringed when the issues I knew about lit up the screen, and it grated me when the sound suffered, but, importantly, people laughed when they were meant to, and seemed to enjoy it; a few people even gave audible recognition to the subtler elements of the movie, namely the Doctor Who references I dropped in. (Side note: it’s AWESOME to see how over Doctor Who is with geek culture in the States) Playing this (b)romantic comedy directly to the geeks it was extended for was exactly what it needed, as the subtler elements weren’t lost on them.

It was an odd sensation, finally being there after only a few months turn around; from finding out it had been accepted, to taking the plunge and committing to travelling across the freaking globe to be in Indianapolis for it has been a whirl wind. I’ve loved almost all of the experience, and I’m curious to see where else the rabbit hole will take me, even if it does include the odd incompetent cab drivers that miss the turning to our hotel. Twice. Which leads to an overly weary Steve to utter, “You missed it twice, let us out here.” Before ending the night with a short walk back to the hotel.

The question mark, as ever, remains the problem, but the way that my own internal question has changed will dramatically alter any future answer. As the good Doctor would say: “Geronimo.”


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