Gen Con: Day Four (17/08/2014)

The final day of Gen Con finally rolled around, and with it, the excitement for that nights Summerslam event. But first, the day.

Rolling out of bed at 9:30, after allowing ourselves an actual lie in (despite the fact I’ve been getting up at least an hour before my set alarm every day), we made our way back over to Indy’s for another phenomenal breakfast. My anti-diet pill consisted of the ‘Ultimate Omelette’, complete with country style breakfast potatoes (whatever those are) and a choice of breakfast bread. I elected for the banana walnut, and didn’t look back, despite what my health conscious, guilt tripping, brain was trying to tell me. Or was that my now clogging arteries?


Given the organisational prowess, and general awareness of the film festival that existed within the, impressively record setting, 56,000 strong geek crowd over the past few days, I made the executive decision to forego the Film Awards. This is no personal comment against the festival or its organisers, but I personally didn’t have faith that there would actually be anybody there, and the last thing I wanted to do was to be a part of a minimal crowd, celebrating all the films that were winning awards that mine wouldn’t. There’s networking, and then there’s social masochism. Thanks, but no thanks.

Instead, being the thrifty spender I am, we went on the hunt for a Gen Con coupon book in order to get $5 off a game. I know, right? What an odd concept, buying a game at a gaming convention! I’d already treated myself to a new book (‘Comic-Con and the Business of Pop Culture’), but after going past the Flying Frog Productions stall and spying their ‘A Touch Of Evil’ deck building game, ‘Dark Gothic’, I knew I wanted it pick it up. As a big fan of their zombie survival game, ‘Last Night On Earth’, I had faith the gaming experience would be solid, fun and intuitive, once the rules finally clicked and went from “what the fuck are we doing?!” to “ah, that makes sense!”

Ending our Gen Con experience with a trip into Buffalo Wild Wings (a large Sports bar chain restaurant), I naively asked if they would be showing that nights WWE PPV, Summerslam. The waiters nonplussed response of, “I don’t think so,” spoke volumes, his dead pan eyes screaming out “We only show real sports here, bro.”

And so it came down to the WWE Network (available for only $9.99!); riding the wave of limited wi-fi, courtesy of the Extended Stay America Hotel, I was able to enjoy elements of Summerslam in all its pixelated, freezing, glitchy glory. I lasted about two hours before giving up on the excruciating experience of paying for a Network service that I couldn’t experience in all its awesomeness, thanks to the strained wi-fi available to me. There were only so many times I could deal with the 5* encounter between Swagger/Rusev freezing on me, or having Nikki Bella’s face pixelate into a deformed, blocky version of itself.

Thankfully the morning brought with it new hope. With less people spamming the wi-fi, I was able watch the decimation that comprised the Summerslam main event in all its glory. I’ll be watching the event back in full, beautiful HD when I get back home, but I was impressed with the event as a whole. What it seemed to perhaps lack in pure wrestling, it more than made up with gratifying story twists and pay offs leading to a consistently entertaining PPV, and really that’s what any wrestling event should provide, despite the events predictability.

It was awesome to be able to wrap up the last day of my Gen Con adventure with Summerslam (well, two thirds of if), putting a fine point on a new life experience with a comforting, familiar, event to see it out. Hopefully it won’t be the last opportunity I have to experience the convention lifestyle as a participant; the concept of being able to tour in order to support any future endeavours sounds like a dream come true, and you know that for any future updates you can get it right here at WriteSteveWrite, and by following my on Twitter @stevetendo.

To anybody that attended Gen Con, that plays Flying Frog games, or that tuned into Summerslam, I’d love to know what you thought, so don’t hesitate to get in contact or comment below!


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