You Might Say I’m Feeling A Little…Blue

Two nights ago, on Monday the 22nd of September, I earned the promotion I had been working towards.

It wasn’t for work, and it doesn’t allow for a pay bump, unfortunately, but it still makes me feel vindicated with all the hard work I’ve been putting in.

photo 1

The blue belt promotion was a real highlight for me this year, and I hope I hold myself in a way to show that I deserve it. It takes, on average, two years to earn yourself a promotion to blue; it took me a year and seven months. I don’t know if I’ve truly earned it, though they say you never feel as though you have, no matter the belt promotion, but I know that I’ll be rolling and training in a way to try and prove myself. I’m lucky to be able to train with a really solid group of guys (my mat bros), and I learn from under some awesome coaches; my purple belt coach, Dave, as well as genuine Brazilian, and black belt extraordinaire, Raph. If they feel it’s time, that I’m ready, then I have faith in their decision, even if I feel I need to still prove it to myself.

Shame, then, that the very next morning I went from a true high to a real low, having caught some sort of stomach/flu bug from my niece. Still, at least I get to rock an Assassin’s Creed hood vibe.

photo 2


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