inFamous Research

I’m closer now than I have ever been to completing Temporary, the novel I’ve been slaving over in my spare time whenever I am able, but that doesn’t mean that influence and research for the project has stopped.

My notebook is filled with random notes and stream of consciousness thoughts, threaded together loosely into a web of tangible sense. At least, I’d like to think it does. In truth, it probably just makes sense to me. Yeah, that.

That said, however, I love being surprised by something that I can take influence from, reference, or is basically some form of art or way of thinking that can positively affect mine. This world is full of so many critics, both of the professional and keyboard warrior variety, that it makes even committing to create something a daunting challenge in itself.

Why start when everyone will probably hate it anyway? For this reason I find it important to be able to try and find the good in most things; admittedly, this is tougher in some things than others, but I’m adamant that, if you were to look, you could find elements that you like in even the things you hate.

inFamous Second Son is a good example of this. Personally, I did not find the game to be the defining ‘console seller’ it was meant to be when it was released earlier this year, but it tackles a few elements that are starkly similar to themes and motifs present within Temporary, and I found myself playing compulsively in order to see where their story goes, predictable as it was. Where were the similarities, and how far do they go in relation to my story? Playing with this mindset helped to keep me engrossed in Delsin’s story and the mixture of entertaining supporting characters that he meets along the way, one power evolution at a time.

Concepts such as Conduits, and the way the game encourages players to choose to actively encourage your decisions, allowing you to lean towards a heroic path or a life of evil (a la Paragon/Renegade in Mass Effect) helped me to rethink a few things for when it comes to finally redraft my manuscript, once I finish it.

Best of all, it makes a great excuse to allow me to play a video game as research, and not even doing it in a facetious way. Reminds me of how I chose to tackle my dissertation at University, segueing it into an excuse for buying a PS3 and a copy of Uncharted.

– – –

Did you enjoy inFamous Second Son and know of other stories like it, be it within a novel, comic book, video game or movie? I’d love to hear about it for further research purposes for Temporary, so don’t hesitate to get in contact or shout out below!


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