What The Frak?! Or: What a Way to End 2014.

You know what sucks? Being sick for the tail end of the year.

Also, forgetting any modicum of self control, over eating, and putting on weight for needless reasons.

Yeah, that.

Last year, Thea was laid out sick whilst I was out for the New Year’s festivities; this year saw the both of us sick on the couch, enjoying the BBC’s footage of the NY’s celebration, occurring about 30 minutes away from us, tucked in between our marathon session of Battlestar Galactica.

This cold has frak’d me up, no doubt.

But first, some back story: I suffer from a heel condition that sees it becoming very red, inflamed and painful to any sort of pressure. At all. Walking around is torturous, and the slightest pressure would have me on the ground, writhing in pain and tapping out to life in general.

This decided to flare up a  few weeks ago, taking me out of commission from working out and my regularly scheduled BJJ routine. It’s been said before, but it’s undeniable: it’s way too easy to break good habit.

In between my heel hurting, and then catching a cold from Thea (that I then promptly returned to her), I’ve been off the mats and not training for the better part of 3 or so weeks. Oh, did I mention it’s also been Christmas? Oh yeah, and that I celebrated it with not only my family, but also with Thea’s? Which means what? Yeah, you got it. A shit load of Christmas meals across a few days.

I have officially over eaten, over indulged in chocolate, candy and all the nice things that people attempt to vacuously justify eating with the adage “it’s Christmas”, and have, due to being out of commission from working out, put on the weight because of it.

Two years ago I came in at approximately 55-60 pounds more than I currently weigh. It’s not something I shout about, or show off about. It was a personal journey of discovery and perseverance, and something I am proud of achieving.

Nomnomnom….and now the shame and guilt.

Because of how far I have come, I am always worried about the slippery slope back to those size 40″ pants, and become filled with slight trepidation whenever I step on the scales. My will power is still not what it should be, considering the road I travelled, and this was showcased by my poor eating decisions over the past month. I may as well have been wearing a horse style food trough, filled with chocolate, mince pies and Christmas dinners.

The extra pounds will come off eventually. I will endeavour to make it happen, kickstarting tomorrow with day one of a cleanse I am familiar with. The juice fast comprises one of the 3 J’s I have subscribed to, during my weight loss adventure. In the past I have committed to 10 day fasts, the longest clocking in at 14. This time I will be going for 7.

I intend to cleanse with juices, green teas and healthy activity for the next 7 days to flush out my system, hitting reset on a number of poor lifestyle choices and old habits that have somehow managed to creep back into my mindset. The saving grace is my self awareness to do something about it now, rather than 10/15/20 pounds down the line.

Intensity, Integrity and Intelligence

Olympic Gold Medalist, and ex WWE Champion, Kurt Angle, lived by the Three I’s (Intensity, Integrity, and Intelligence), I, on the other hand, have utilised my own system in the Three J’s: Juicing, Jogging, Jiu Jitsu.

By committing to the Three J’s (TRADEMARKED. Totally trademarked), I intend to get back to my base weight before Christmas started and then push through the weight plateau I found myself stymied upon in the journey to reach my target goal.

Once the 7 day cleanse is over, I’ll be closely monitoring what I eat and will be preparing to try the, popularly named, Caveman Diet come February with Thea in order to lean up and burn more fat away.

Now that I’m at the tail end of the cold, no longer struggling to breathe, but still suffering from the fatigue that illness brings with it, I can’t wait to hit the mats and start rolling again. After abstaining for so long, not wanting to infect anyone I trained with or, worse, making myself even more ill by coming back too soon, I’m counting the minutes to class, even if it does coincide with the first day of my juicing.

Anyone who has adopted a martial art or sport into their life, and felt its positive effects, knows how much it sucks to be away for extended periods of time. Sickness, injuries, work all attribute to the frustration of not being able to commit to a passion, especially if it’s newly discovered.

If you’re starting out the New Year, as Thea is, with weight loss goals in mind, don’t allow the little things to get in the way of attending class or committing to that DVD. You may be tired after work, sure, but you’ll always be tired after work, so why not get your heart pumping and blood flowing (not like that! Although, it could be like that, in truth), rather than just sitting there passively?

It’s hard to change a mind set and evolve new life style trends, and it’s even easier to break them, allowing all your hard work to go to waste. Falling back into laziness out of habit is an easy option that you simply can’t take if you want to dictate change in your life.

I once told my girlfriend that if you want to see change, then you have to do something to achieve it. I am unhappy with my weight gain, coupled with the inability to work out. Now I’m better, and on the precipice of good health once more, I intend to heed my own advice.

As an aside, be on the look out for a new intro video the blog coming at some point, and some more information/updates on my book (the whole reason I started this blog!), Temporary.

It’s a long process, and an intimidating one that doesn’t come with a map, or instructions, but I hope that the work is of a quality, let alone a quality that will allow it to find a following and a publisher. A literary agent wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

Is it too late to ask Santa?

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