Review: Smokey Davidson’s BBQ

This past weekend, Thea and I treated ourselves to a delicious treat consisting of tasty brioche buns, sweet and sour pickles, and tender pulled pork, all made even tastier thanks to the rub and BBQ sauce, courtesy of burgeoning, Kent based fanatic of all things Q’d: Smokey Davidson’s BBQ.

The rub we used (the General Spice Rub) along with the BBQ sauce (Bourbon Chipotle) both smelt amazing as soon as they were opened. The rub had an instant aromatic release as soon as the package was torn open, and there was plenty in a single packet for use with the huge pork shoulder we bought, courtesy of Lidl. The rub spread easily across the meat, seeping into the pork without clumping on specific patches, as has happened in the past with other rubs that I have used.

The star of the show however was the sauce. The Lidl pork was phenomenal, but coupled with the rub and BBQ sauce allowed it to be outstanding. Like with the rub, one bottle was more than enough to cover the entire pork shoulder, coating it in sweet smelling awesomeness.

Preparation of the meal was literally as simple as that: Massage in the rub, slather the sauce over it all and leave it in the slow cooker on High for 5+ hours = patient deliciousness.

What I love about pulled pork, and the slow cooker concept, is how easy it is to make amazing meals with such minimal effort. The only obvious down side being the unfortunate association with pretentious Shoreditch-esque hipsters and their love of all things pulled whatever.

The final product was delicious, juicy, melt in your mouth pork that fell apart with tendered ease, thanks to the mixture of moisture in the meat and tangy BBQ sauce we allowed it to drown in. Couple this with the brioche buns and pickles (thanks, Aldi), and we were onto an undeniable winner of a home cooked meal.


Scope out our slow cooked, pulled pork, process in the slideshow below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can order sauces and rubs from my boy’s at Smokey Davidson’s BBQ directly, via their website here!


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