That’s it, Call It. 4:29PM.

Today, at 4:29PM GMT, in my humble South East London flat, and with The Wonder Years playing in the background as they have so many times as I was writing, I have officially put my money where my mouth is.


You see, today I have just sent the manuscript that is Temporary for a story edit with The Writer’s Workshop for a rather princely sum, though not as princely as was required with other services.

I know that in previous posts I have mentioned other services, but after some extensive research, coupled with thorough reads/rereads of each of their websites, and back and forths via e-mail, not to mention the sheer procrastination through fear/funds, as mentioned in my previous blog, I decided that The Writer’s Workshop was the right call for me.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 16.33.08

I’m sure that the other services (namely Bubblecow) would have been an amazing company to work with in furthering my story, helping to craft it into something even better, but the costs involved were something I couldn’t field or justify within where I am right now in life. The Writer’s Workshop, however, should not be looked upon as a ‘cheap’ alternative, as their impressive array of courses and success stories can attest to.

I look forward to jetting off to Canada, enjoying my time there and receiving the feedback, ready to hit the ground running with this thing in an effort to make the dream a reality.

To have Temporary out on shelves of bookstores, having people reading it and interested in the story that I have crafted for Kenny (KO) and Gray (Reaper), that is the success I am after. Naturally I want it to do well as well, but to be able to walk into a book store and find my book on its shelves is the little thrill I’m working towards.

So, here’s to the next step, finally taken. One step at a time, of course, and I cannot run until I can walk, but I’m grateful to be in a position where I can afford an opportunity at this feedback. It’s easy to sometimes let life beat you down and for the only things you are actively aware of to be the negatives that can seem so crushing, which is why it’s important to really soak in the little wins.

Being able to have saved enough money, especially after January’s numerous incidents, is something I am thankful to have accomplished, allowing me a chance to take this next, tentative step towards that greater goal.

I hope for only two things:

1) That you would kindly join me on this adventure, and check out Write Steve Write as I chronicle my journey to getting Temporary published, as well as an assortment of random, probably pop culturally motivated, posts.

2) That they don’t massacre the manuscript too badly, leaving me a broken heap of a man in the process.

But, hey, any constructive feedback is valid feedback, and these guys are paid professionals, earning the big bucks to help me to get the best out of my own work.

When I get back from Vancouver, I intend on finally recording a new intro video for the blog, as well as looking further into starting a new sister Vlog to accompany Write Steve Write, so there’s plenty more content to look forward to in the future.

So here’s to this next step; to Canada; and to coming back motivated to continue this long journey; and to my brothers and sisters who are writing, rewriting, or, as I was, too scared to take the next step, I salute you; this beer is for all of us.

So say we all.


Here’s to you, no matter what stage you may be in your creative endeavour.


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