Vancouver, Day Three; or: The Happiest of Happy Endings (15/3/15)

Sunday was used as a relative rest day, after hitting the ground running the way that we did (if you overlook the hardcore 12 hour sleep fest of the first day/night), and was spent catching up on a little sleep before the main point of the day: to meet Thea’s friend, Connie, who has been doing her second year of University over in Vancouver.

This meeting would be somewhat fortuitous, as Sunday was the first day that we bore witness to what was, apparently a common part of Vancouver: rain. Lots and lots of rain.

The rain and the overcast skies weren’t enough to dampen our mood, despite thoroughly soaking us through over time; an annoying, gradual, but consistent rain, the kind that will soak you through without you even realising, not until you’re clothes stick to you in that gross, wet, way.

IMG_8166Meeting Connie at a ramen place that she’s taken to frequent, we all enjoyed catching up over some of the best ramen I’ve ever had. The lunch time meal deal alone makes this place worth visiting, coupling gyoza dumplings with the ramen itself, I relished every moment, as well as the additional noodles I ordered in order to really commit carbicide. Which I did. With unabashed vigour. In fact, I’m pretty sure I gave the girls plenty of time to catch up, as best friends are prone to do, whilst I busied myself with the copious amounts of food I now intended to devour, each mouthful a reminder of how long it had been since I last worked out, and how much longer it would be before I could hit the mats for some much needed BJJ.

Sunday was capped off with a screening of Kingsman: The Secret Service in a Vancouver theatre. One of my odd quirks whilst visiting different places is to experience their differing cinemas if I have the opportunity to. It’s always interesting to me to see how varied a theatre experience can be, depending on where you go in the world. Vancouver didn’t disappoint, with a huge, modern, clean multiplex, that featured an interactive game, thrown up on the silver screen, as we waited for the movie to start. It was near enough a full house for the screening, and it was great to see a little bit of home on the big screen in Canada. My Primark jacket even featured (being Eggsy’s main jacket of choice in the first act ), as I saw locations I myself had filmed at up on a Canadian movie screen.

The movie itself is good fun, with its tongue firmly in cheek as it revels in a lot of meta references, and is a fun watch on the big screen. Too many movies now lack that “big screen” feel, with most falling into that “wait for Netflix” camp; not this one. If you dug Kick Ass, and it’s send up of superhero tropes, then you’ll definitely get something out of this meta assault on the spy genre. It’s also the owner of, perhaps, the most romantic ending to any movie ever. (Shout out in the comments below if you agree, or disagree!)


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