Why Wait on Progress?

So, here’s a quick question for you all: when you’re waiting for beta feedback from the numerous people you’ve sent it to (who, incidentally, were all so eager to get it, asking after it, chasing, practically rabid with anticipation, and yet haven’t gotten around to actually read the damn thing!) WHAT, oh, WHAT, do you do?

I’ve blogged about what I get up to in my downtime, especially once I’d finished another redraft of the manuscript, having been lost in Velen/Novigrad and the beautiful Skillege for so long; but if there’s one thing I’m great at it’s making myself feel bad for a lack of productivity. After all, how else will I crawl towards that goal if I’m not doing anything to actively claw myself there?

Hell, part of the purpose of the blog was to keep me focused on my goal. It’s not only an outlet for my random travel blogs, observations on certain elements of geek culture, and reviews on books/games/movies (although that’s definitely a part of it!); it’s a personal journey into my writing process, as well as my writings progress. Even if that sometimes means capturing the lack there of. This blog has always meant to be a warts and all experience, hoping to capture the attention of anyone who has ever struggled or wondered about comparing their creative processes.

So yesterday I decided to become more proactive with some of my downtime as I wait for further beta feedback. I decided to finally start moving forward with two separate projects, one that ties neatly into the same universe that Temporary inhabits, a neat short parallel story, and the other being a complete departure from anything I’ve written or planned before.

I’m excited to continue developing both ideas in order to get back into the flow of writing and the creative process. It’s been a while since I’ve been sat down in my office, whiling away hours as I tweak and ponder upon numerous story elements and character arcs. In brutal truth, I’ve been relying on feedback sprints to get me back into my seat and honestly: it’s good to be back.

The short story, as I have it right now, will follow the adventures of a Super known as Neon, a Japanese American school girl (real name: Mitsuko Nakamura) living in Moonsault City.

I’ve got a couple of other details regarding it, but they’re so flimsy at this point that they aren’t ready to share. Needless to say, sitting down and finally pencilling out a skeletal structure of the acts of this book has gotten me excited again. Additionally, I would love to use this Temporary Side Story to try and generate some interest in Temporary itself, and will be looking to release this story completely free for people to enjoy, and to get a taste of the kind of world these characters live in.

The second project will hopefully evolve into my first children’s book, focused on lucha wrestling and aimed at kids 5 and over. Like with the Temporary Side Story, it’s still early days for this book, so I can’t say too much about it, apart from that it’s been rattling around in my head for about a year or so now, so it’s great to finally start making a little bit of progress with it!

I can however share that I am working with the super talented illustrator Dave Blackford on the project! Click the jump to check out some of his amazing work to date. I’m super stoked to have been able to tap into his talent early, before he gets too big and forgets the little people like me. 🙂

I would love to hear about what you do in your downtime, either in between projects or, like me, when you’re waiting on feedback to help change and improve your stories!

Please let me know by contacting me below, or by hitting me up up on Twitter


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