Watch As Thea And I Get It On Until Dawn

So, recently I decided to partake in my first live stream of a game, one that I intended to see through from beginning to end.

I’ve always been curious by live streaming, but figured it to be an ultimately fruitless venture – when everyone in the world streams, why would anyone pay any attention to yours? If you’re not already pre established (with sponsorships and hordes of followers), why start? I am the drop, you are the ocean.

So, with that in mind, here’s a few prefacing points as to why:

  1. Although I was going to stream this via my personal Twitch account (MAGIC JUMP SENTENCE), this stream would have the added benefit of my girlfriend, Thea, hanging out (mostly in the background, creeping into shot now and then); we figured it would be a fun way to not only experience a video game, but a great way to spend some time together, interacting with anybody/everybody in the chat room.
  2. Until Dawn was chosen specifically to be the first in this trial experience, primarily due to it’s focused story, choice heavy experience, and how what you decided ultimately led to who would live, and who would die. It’s like a choose your adventure book (you know those things, like from when we were kids, right? Right?) but in a much more intense, interactive medium.
  3. Until Dawn can be viewed as interactive horror. I love horror movies. Thea doesn’t. I don’t however particularly enjoy playing horror video games. There’s a massive disconnect between “don’t go through that door, numbnuts!”, followed by the movie character going through said door, and “I don’t want to go through that door, numbnuts!” knowing that the game will literally stop unless I don’t. I wanted to try and capture the thrills whilst analysing the story and characters arcs of Until Dawn.

This was an experiment, a trial, to see if there would be much interest garnered from playing heavily story, decision based games, analysing the decisions, and deconstructing the story as a whole from a writer’s perspective.

I had some great chats with a few random people, and had a few people watching, particularly on the last day as we entered the final stretch of the game. Streaming, as a whole, was a pretty cool experience – like hanging out with my friends without them being present. Essentially, it became a very controlled, one way, conversation; they could watch me play, emote and respond to what was happening, I, in turn, could respond to any comments/questions they typed into the chat box without the distraction of having someone talking to you at inopportune times. Kind of a win/win!

So, please, if you have some time, or fancy watching what is, pretty much, an extended interactive horror movie with genuine reactions, critical observations, and the odd bit of petty bickering, check out my stream over at Twitch by hitting this unicorn powered linkage deviceatron!

I leave the first part here for your enjoyment and convenience, kemosabe!

Please note: There’s an ugly box in the top left corner of the first few videos – a caveat to streaming via a PS4 without disabling the Notifications (something I didn’t realise or knew how to fix until the second streaming session), as well as a slight echo, as I had the TV up too loud (sorry, again!), so I apologise for that and hope it’s not enough to mire your experience. Stick with it, these issues get sorted and it’s worth the ride!

If you enjoyed our Until Dawn stream and would like us to play through/analyse other games and their stories, please shout out below or reach out to me via Twitter!

I’d love to know what you thought and what games you’d recommend for us to try.


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