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As I’ve been waiting on beta reader feedback on Temporary, and keeping myself busy rewriting a preliminary redraft of a short story I’ve been working on, now titled Translucent (which is a Temporary Parallel Event), I’ve also found myself delving back into the wonderful world that is podcasting.

Not participating in the way I once did with the podcasts I used to host, whether it was the eclectically random, conversational (and controversial) news stylings of The Totally Randumb Podcast, or the long, long ago pro wrestling podcast I used to love doing, the Blind Tag! Podcast, but rather looking for new and interesting things to listen to.

The Totally Randumb Podcast holds up, thanks to its (relatively) timeless content: each week, Nick and I would find a couple of totally random, weird, odd, or raunchy stories and discuss them – only finding out what the other had dug up whilst we were at the microphones. It usually led to a lot of interesting, warped conversations, whilst being informative in a “what weird shit is happening in the world today?” sort of way.

Most recently however I’ve been a more passive engager. Honestly? I’m a huge fan of podcasts as a medium; for discussion, for engagement, and for engaging in something you are truly passionate about in the hope to find an audience that cares just as much about the thing you care about (phew!) – it’s always been something that’s been mega appealing to me.

So, what has prompted me to delve into my past excursions with the world of podcasting; and, more importantly, how does any of this tie into my writing?


1) Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History.

 2) Hit the jump and find out!

I primarily listen to entertainment podcasts – things that are an easy listen, but still engaging and appeal to one, if not many, of the niche geeky things I love in life.

There’s a lot of Kevin Smith podcasts on my iPhone, as well as some MMA, movie and writing podcasts all vying for my aural attention (if anybody is interested in what I choose to spend my time listening to, let me know and I’ll list it out!), so what is it about Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History that stood out to me?

He does it solo.

I’ve been thinking long and hard on numerous subjects that could get me back into my podcasting chair, Blue Microphone at the ready, but the undeniably egotistical idea that I could carry a show without a co-host to bounce off of always scuppered me from taking the next step into making it a reality. Who wants to listen to a one sided podcast covering weekly weird news? The reactions and conversations weren’t only entertaining, they were the point! And what about with the wrestling? I guess that could work a little better, but without any sort of audience interaction I could see that drying up pretty quickly.

But here’s this guy waxing lyrical for the better part of 2-4 hours on a subject he’s obviously well learned in and passionate about. How did he do it?

He presented history as it should be: as a story.

I’ve never been much of a history buff. I enjoy visiting historical sites and landmarks to soak in the atmosphere and history, but I’ve never gone out of my way to learn history as a subject. Even at school it was something I was okay with, but never excelled at. Maybe it was the method of teaching, because Mr. Carlin’s presentation stylings have already engaged me with history in a way I never did whilst at school.

Podcast Solo

Listening to Hardcore History triggered a yearning within me to get back to podcasting, a bug I’d caught and have never been able to shake. All I’ve been searching for was an idea that could see me speaking passionately about it, solo. It certainly wouldn’t be the omnibus length that Carlin brings to his podcast, but I needed to be certain that it could be something I would be able to carry alone. I’ve been burned in the past by other people who were excited, but never as dedicated as I was to the cause. Every podcast I have been a part of, or have founded, has failed off the lack of commitment of another person. I hate to be so blunt, but that’s the truth of it.

So, like with Temporary, I wanted to put myself into a position where, if work doesn’t get done, I have no one else to blame but myself. (Except for now, where I’m still waiting on beta feedback, and then, hopefully, one day, the procrastination of a literary agent. Fingers crossed!)

I think I’ve finally found that idea.

I don’t want to give too much away right now, but the idea is a fun one that would become unique solely through my personal voice. It’s an idea that probably already exists somewhere out there on the wide web, but becomes special due to ones personality and traits, much like with writing.

Besides, if everybody harboured the feeling that “somebody else is already doing it, why bother?” we wouldn’t have much in the way of any entertainment, be it podcasts, movies, TV shows or books.

It’s all been done before, and no body knows anything, so why not you? Why not me? As Sensai Smith says, and I paraphrase massively here: why not try.

That mind set was enough to encourage me to finish writing a goddamned book (that will hopefully one day see the light of day for you all to read), so why not for a podcast?

Do you host a podcast of your own? I love finding new stuff to listen to, so be sure to let me know what it is and leave a link below!

Be sure to check back and follow the blog for when I drop a few more hints about this idea and, eventually, launch the new show!


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