Where Ya Been, Steve? Where Ya Been?

Why, hello there. No, it’s okay, don’t be shy. Come on in, the door’s always open for you.

It’s been a while since I’ve  last updated the blog, and you may be wondering what I’ve been up to?

A mixed bag to be honest, with some wins and some losses, usually accompanied with heavy sighs.

I suppose the most important thing that I’ve been dealing with, which took a lot of my time and emotional investment, was my most recent (second attempt) at a job promotion. Something I didn’t get.


Hence the “second attempt” thing. Sucked the first time round, sucks even more the second time around. But it is what it is, and I’ll deal with it.

In between the prep/feedback/dealing with failure, I’ve actually been the recipient of some moderate success with my podcast, which has been amazing.

In between positive feedback, numerous 5* reviews on iTunes, and not only being featured highly on the New And Noteworthy of the Podcast page, but ALSO climbing as high as #36 in the Film and TV Podcast chart, ‘Sweet Story Bro’ has been giving me some unique opportunities as of late, especially with a few publishers and content creators.

I’m hoping it will lead to many more.



See, look – it wasn’t a fever dream!



But what about the thing that brought me to create Write Steve Write? What about Temporary? How’s that going?



Not too much has changed since my last update on the book, except for the progression I’ve made. Things are still appearing to me in a way that I’ve not been able to accept before – swathes are being ripped out, restructured or rewritten – and the manuscript is in the best shape it’s ever been because of it.

It’s almost embarrassing to think I spent ‘x’ amount of £’s getting an Editor to review and note a version of the manuscript that was clearly not ready to be seen by any living soul, no matter what I obviously thought at the time.

That being said: perhaps that needed to happen in the first instance in order to allow me down this path of realisation.

These things all have a far out way of connecting to make sense, to create a through line. I just hope that I can follow it through to a positive end game. Namely: getting legit published.

The amount I’m reading is helping, but it’s actually the utilisation of ‘Sweet Story, Bro’ that has helped to elevate my writing game. It’s paying dividends in the way I always hoped it would. By reviewing and deconstructing stories, it’s allowing me a deeper appreciation and understanding of story structure. What works (note: for me), what doesn’t work (note: again, for me)?

Critically analysing these elements showcases to me what I enjoy, and now looking back over Temporary, I can see the elements I don’t like in other mediums staring back at me from my screen. So out they go with a merciless highlight and cruel press of the backspace.

Be gone from my book, bothersome, superfluous drivel!

I’m about 70/75% through this redraft. A lot of interesting developments have occurred as tensions rise, friendships are tested, and brotherhoods become frayed. It’s fun, engaging stuff that I believe appeal to anybody who digs comic books, their movie counter parts, and pop culture as a whole. Perhaps the kindest comparison point I’ve received so far, based on an early draft of the book, was comparing my writing style to Ernest Cline.

They were probably just being nice…

And with that, it’s back to the salt mines I go, ready to #embracethegrind. Because, as we all know: writing is rewriting, after all.

I’m so close now, and am on track to complete my self imposed deadline of redrafting within the first quarter of 2016, with the next step to seriously start looking at finding some representation.

I know I’ll be facing more rejection, that’s just part of the game. But out there, somewhere, is the agent for me. I can’t wait to find them. Or maybe they’ll find me, if it’s like a Harry Potter/Wand thing. I dunno.


Follow me @stevetendo, and be sure to check out @sweetstorybro to stay up to date with the podcast.


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