‘Cause Baby, You’re A Firework.

Since yesterday’s blog (‘Breadcrumbs‘), I have since written in the necessary…well…breadcrumbs that I spoke about.

It didn’t take long in the end, thanks to the in-depth search features that Scrivener offers. I knew the scenes I needed to amend, popped in there the right search term, and sprinkled those goddamn carb cubes where they needed to go, done in a (hopefully) subtle way, so as to not completely signpost what’s happening, whilst still acting as enough of a clue that will leave the reader with an ‘Aaah, shit, that makes so much sense!’ moment.

I’m thinking of trademarking that, by the way, so don’t you go stealing the ‘Aaah, shit, that makes so much sense!’ Moment™.

It feels surreal to finally be at the end of this most recent (final?) major story overhaul. To be honest, when I got finished adding those baked nibblets into the earlier parts of the narrative, it didn’t feel as though I was done. Like, even though it was finished, and I could recognise this face, it didn’t feel real.

To be honest, I was hoping to have a greater sense of completed accomplishment once I’d finished this latest redraft. Maybe it’s because I know the journey is no where near over; that could be enough to take the proverbial wind out of my sails, dutch ovening my experience if you will.

This is what I was expecting:



This is what I got:



Way to go, me!

There’s accomplishment in what I’ve done, without a doubt. Plenty of people go their whole lives simply thinking about writing a book. I did it. I’ve done that. That’s a thing I have done.

Now the next step, as I’ve mentioned in the past, is to find representation to bring Temporary from my HD to a bookstore and then, finally, in your hands.

Maybe then I’ll get my fireworks. Come on, I’ll show you what I’m worth.

(That’s good, actually. Could be a hit song in there, somewhere.)


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