Longtime readers of Write Steve Write, those who have been with me on this journey chronicling my up’s and down’s as I write, attempt to write, and berate myself for not writing, know one thing: there is consistent inconsistency.

Despite long breaks between updates, I have been, somehow, continuously charting my creative (in)actions and progress. Despite all the noise, I still want to share with you all the pitfalls and victories as they come. But it’s tough. Ask anybody who writes, podcasts, blogs, vlogs, or commits to any other chosen outlet for their thoughts, feelings, and attempts to comprehend themselves and the world around them. They’ll tell you the same.

When I first started, I intended to provide a weekly update. A scheduled check-in. Resolute in nature, and militant in its precise execution.

That lasted for about, what, three weeks, maybe? It’s not that I didn’t have anything to say – though, with weekly updates, I think there’s only so much marginal progression you can share before it becomes rote  – but the fact that I was essentially shouting into an uncaring void can stymie even the best of intentions. And it got to me. How could it not?

Most who share a semblance of themselves with the world, throwing it out into the vast Mad Max-esque post-apocalyptic scape that is the Internet, want a point of validation. It’s human to want to be heard.


Incoming Internet Trolls!

Some might argue the answer is to up the output. I can see how this would be the right solution for some people, but I don’t think it’s the right one for me. Why? Because I’m not content to create content.

There are others, however, who are obsessed with simply ‘generating content’.

It’s rampant amongst YouTubers, with content creators exhausting themselves to conceptualise/record/edit/upload multiple videos a week; bloggers are fixated with consistent content, desperate to hit their self-imposed deadline whilst struggling to provide substance; podcasters fill their shows up with inane chit-chat in an effort to stumble upon the magic formula that turns their get-togethers into hard cash and, usually, geek cred.

It’s why I was always so proud of Sweet Story, Bro. It existed for a reason and served a deeper purpose, personal as it might be.

By forcing content, by turning the creative process into a factory line of generated ‘stuff’, you create a bar of relative mediocrity for yourself. The truth is, you don’t always have something to say. You may not always have insight into any given situation. Perhaps you just don’t want to spend the emotional energy, investing it into something that may or may not gain any attention or traction. That void I mentioned earlier? It’s deep and all-consuming.

If you have enough to say without fail, sure, man. You do you. But when content creators are more obsessed with simply generating something – normally for them clicks – rather than having anything of merit or worth to share, then their own message becomes diluted and transparent.

Conversely, I only update Write Steve Write when there’s something I want to share with you.

I’ll never inundate you with bogus lists of Top 10 [Insert Absolute Bullshit Clickbait Here] or empty promises of immediate success/instant happiness.

I’ll never force empty truth and toneless updates if you were to subscribe and follow my journey. That’s my promise to you. It’s a value I will always hold true to. Good or bad, highlighting my mental health or celebrating progress with my writing, with plenty of opportunities to criticise myself for any sort of lack of work along the way.

I refuse to fall into the trap of needing to generate content for this blog, of making myself feel gutted and worthless for not constantly updating it. There’s always Twitter for that. @stevetendo, by the way. /ExpertlyPlacedCheapPlug.


Don’t worry, I won’t.

I will never be content to just create content. I want to write. To craft stories, and to share my journey with you, and in doing so, and by staying true to my ideals, I hope to never force empty content.

So make sure to subscribe via e-mail in the top right corner because, although purposefully intermittent, you may not want to miss any of these blogs when they do get uploaded as I continue to wave the flag for Team Perseverance.

At least you know your inbox won’t be flooded.

– Steve R / @stevetendo



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