Call Him The Shadow…

Despite creating Write Steve Write originally as a place for me to splurge my thoughts, ideas, frustrations (so…many…frustrations), and progression with my book, Temporary, I am fully aware that one thing I haven’t really gone out of the way to do is explain what the book is actually about.

Call it self preservation or, probably more accurately, a petulant, irrational, fear over idea stealers, it’s an element I haven’t really opened up about. I’ve made allusions to certain key elements, including the odd morphic resonance of my main character’s moniker being KO, much like current NXT champion Kevin Owens (this, unlike the amount of calculated references I’ve purposefully put into the book, was an unintentional coincidence), but have mainly detailed the hopefully never ending journey that is my writing, and rewriting, process – loving, and hating in equal measure the words that all add up to a complete manuscript, held together as it is with a DIY, punk rock, attitude, long days, duct tape, and copious amounts of coffee.

Seriously, just hook it into my veins at this point.

Kevin Owens ‘KO’ gimmick shares a few similarities to my protagonist, Kenny Orton.

But, what is Temporary actually about?

Well, it’s a story about superheroes; it’s an exploration into powers and yet, first and foremost, it’s a story about choice.

Which brings me onto the Bromley Batman.

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What The Frak?! Or: What a Way to End 2014.

You know what sucks? Being sick for the tail end of the year.

Also, forgetting any modicum of self control, over eating, and putting on weight for needless reasons.

Yeah, that.

Last year, Thea was laid out sick whilst I was out for the New Year’s festivities; this year saw the both of us sick on the couch, enjoying the BBC’s footage of the NY’s celebration, occurring about 30 minutes away from us, tucked in between our marathon session of Battlestar Galactica.

This cold has frak’d me up, no doubt.

But first, some back story: I suffer from a heel condition that sees it becoming very red, inflamed and painful to any sort of pressure. At all. Walking around is torturous, and the slightest pressure would have me on the ground, writhing in pain and tapping out to life in general.

This decided to flare up a  few weeks ago, taking me out of commission from working out and my regularly scheduled BJJ routine. It’s been said before, but it’s undeniable: it’s way too easy to break good habit.

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Gen Con: Day Three (16/08/2014)

I finally got the chance to meet the Doctor yesterday. Well, at the very least a beverage that felt like it was taking me through time and space. The amount of caffeine, and the flavour involved, made it feel all timey wimey, what with my heart racing and senses heightened and whatnot. It was fucking awesome, and all thanks to an indy Indy coffee shop: Bee Coffee Roasters.


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Gen Con: Day Two (15/08/14)

Day Two at Gen Con did nothing but highlight how easy it is to deviate from a plan or itinerary when confronted with a lack of sleep, jet lag, and still getting up early in order to haul our asses over to the Indianapolis Convention Centre.

First up, however, was breakfast. Walking through the back lot of our hotel, and across the space of land that separated us from the diner that was our target, felt eerily reminiscent of The Last of Us: empty, desolate and forgotten. Thankfully, the restaurant was the complete opposite of that. Indy’s Family Diner was a neat little restaurant that revelled in its city’s racing roots and fame, adorning its walls with chequered flag trim and racing car models displayed proudly everywhere.
The diner didn’t rely solely on gimmick however, as the food and service more than met the high expectation set by our cab driver the previous day. Ashleigh, our waitress, was friendly, bubbly, kind and attentive, despite the early hour (8:30am), and was on top of our orders and, importantly, coffee needs throughout. It was a perfect example of American hospitality, and served as a further reminder as to why Hooter’s Shelby didn’t actually deserve the $5 we left her. The food itself was as delicious as it was enormous, check it out:


All of that, for $4.99?! Let alone the fact that I had initially ordered the ‘Ranch Hand Breakfast’, only to be told by Ashleigh that they had a special meal deal on that was essentially the same thing, but more value for money. Or bang for your buck, if you will. Needless to say, I took her advice.

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