Pale-Oh My Goodness, Shucky Ducky, Quack, Quack.

I usually try and keep dietary things to myself, not wanting to be one of ‘those’ people.

You know, ‘those’ people.

The people that try something new and don’t shut up about it, no matter what until either you, or someone else, politely asks…

Either that or they give up on whatever they are endlessly braying about and, not wanting to draw attention to that fact, they go about as though they never mentioned anything about it in the first place.

Yeah, those people.

SO, not wanting to be one of those people has led me to some interesting experiments when it comes to dieting. I try things, find what I like, what I don’t like, and adapt as needed in order to cut weight whilst, hopefully, still having enough energy for my day to day existence, let alone for BJJ training.

Last night marked the first non paleo meal that I had in over a month+, and I felt terrible for it.

Oh yeah, I did paleo for well over a month. And it was awesome.

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What The Frak?! Or: What a Way to End 2014.

You know what sucks? Being sick for the tail end of the year.

Also, forgetting any modicum of self control, over eating, and putting on weight for needless reasons.

Yeah, that.

Last year, Thea was laid out sick whilst I was out for the New Year’s festivities; this year saw the both of us sick on the couch, enjoying the BBC’s footage of the NY’s celebration, occurring about 30 minutes away from us, tucked in between our marathon session of Battlestar Galactica.

This cold has frak’d me up, no doubt.

But first, some back story: I suffer from a heel condition that sees it becoming very red, inflamed and painful to any sort of pressure. At all. Walking around is torturous, and the slightest pressure would have me on the ground, writhing in pain and tapping out to life in general.

This decided to flare up a  few weeks ago, taking me out of commission from working out and my regularly scheduled BJJ routine. It’s been said before, but it’s undeniable: it’s way too easy to break good habit.

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