Wary Jubilation

On Monday 19th February, after diligently working on it since November 2017, I completed the vomit draft of my second manuscript.

The very next day I was back to my ‘day job’, earning the cash needed to put food on my table and keep the lights on by [job description redacted] with [expletive deleted] [description redacted].

Because writing in the dark is hard, especially as my process sees me perpetually bathed in the light emitted from my screen.

What’s the alternative? Actually write with my hands? What are you, a barbarian?!

It was a tough reality check after such a personal high, to once again make my way into a day job that was always meant to be a temporary (no pun intended) gig.

Let’s just say it didn’t work out that way. Yet.

My therapist once asked me what I get out of my job.


Career ambition?


The answer surprised me.


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On The Precipice.

It’s been a week and a few days since returning from a trip to visit family in Wales, and in that time I’ve hit the ground running. Not so much in regards to Temporary, in the way I hoped I would, but in other aspects of my life which, as of right now, have unfortunately gotten in the way of the forward progress I wanted in my writing. This is all thanks to some minor changes at that unfortunate necessity known as the ‘Day Job’.

Dreaming of more than Punch In, Punch Out, Repeat.

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