Receiving Feedback With Grace (Not The Person)

As I wait for Thea to get home, and for my friend, George, to come over later on in order for us to all experience the greatest party of the summer, WWE’s Summerslam (!!), I’ll take this opportunity on this beautiful day (which you can see below) to let you guys in on a little secret that people, usually myself included, often ponder upon: just how should you receive feedback.

A Summer Day in London

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Why Wait on Progress?

So, here’s a quick question for you all: when you’re waiting for beta feedback from the numerous people you’ve sent it to (who, incidentally, were all so eager to get it, asking after it, chasing, practically rabid with anticipation, and yet haven’t gotten around to actually read the damn thing!) WHAT, oh, WHAT, do you do?

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Feedback Monster; A Glimmer of Hope.

I’ve been getting dribs and drabs of feedback from the beta readers who currently have a copy of my manuscript, Temporary. Some of it has been delivered in a cordial, friendly, manner, other parts were provided in a very straight forward, direct, way.

Sure, a lot of it (the majority, in truth) have felt like numerous sucker punches to the gut; or, to make it more relatable to what I know: a choke finally being sinked in under my throat, after having been fought off so valiantly for so long.

Its had me feeling like this, captured so perfectly by my man, The Doctor:

Crucially though, whether the beta readers were providing positives or negatives all of it has been given constructively.

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Lost In Velen.


Somehow an entire month+ has slipped by since my last blog, wherein I reviewed Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Last Wish, in preparation for playing The Witcher 3.

Why? What’s been going on with my life and, more importantly, what’s been going on with Temporary to explain the unexpected sabbatical?

Well, the answer is oh-so-discreetly alluded to above: I’ve been lost traversing Velen, Novigrad and Skellige in pursuit of Ciri, filling the boots of monster hunter extraordinaire, Geralt of Rivia.

As lost as I’ve been within The Witcher 3’s expansive, impressive, detailed, and immersive lands, losing myself amongst its lore, people, and cultures, things haven’t entirely stopped on the Temporary front. Far from it.

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Ego Attack, featuring Constructive Criticism.

From Canada to Wales, the past few weeks have been pretty non stop for me, with my days filled from the breaking of the dawn to late at night. Finally though, my time in Wales draws to an end, and normality once again beckons me.

If you recall, I intended to use Canada as my key motivating factor in sending off my manuscript for some much needed feedback. After much deliberation, research, and second guessing, I ended up using the Writers Workshop, who paired my manuscript up with someone they deemed compatible with the story I was trying to tell, and the rest was just a waiting game. That is, only after departing with a sizeable amount of change, of course. Once I had committed the cash, galvanising my resolve in getting this book a) done, and b) in a shape presentable to potential publishers, all that was left to do was enjoy Canada and all the sights, sounds, tastes and vibes that Vancouver had to offer us – an adventure I’ve documented with my previous Vancouver blogs.

After the last day passed in Vancouver, I was a little concerned to see that no feedback had arrived in my inbox as of yet, and was aware that I wanted to share this part of the process with you here at Write Steve Write as openly as I could.

Deep in my heart I was naively hoping that, because it was so good, they wanted to shower it with deep praise, perhaps wanting to bring it to the attention the Writers Workshop in order to help push it into the awaiting hands of publishers.

Wishful thinking.

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That’s it, Call It. 4:29PM.

Today, at 4:29PM GMT, in my humble South East London flat, and with The Wonder Years playing in the background as they have so many times as I was writing, I have officially put my money where my mouth is.


You see, today I have just sent the manuscript that is Temporary for a story edit with The Writer’s Workshop for a rather princely sum, though not as princely as was required with other services.

I know that in previous posts I have mentioned other services, but after some extensive research, coupled with thorough reads/rereads of each of their websites, and back and forths via e-mail, not to mention the sheer procrastination through fear/funds, as mentioned in my previous blog, I decided that The Writer’s Workshop was the right call for me.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 16.33.08

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