Wonder For Years

Turns out the pursuit to live a creative life is a constant struggle between managing fantastical expectation vs reality and the need to get some damn food in your stomach on a daily basis.

It’s also one that should see you take influence from everything you can draw from.

I’ve written before about the importance of being able to take that influence, that inspiration, from a number of different outlets. Limiting yourself to only one, in a world so rich and abundant with great stories, told in wonderfully engaging and, occasionally, dynamic ways is akin to blind stupidity. A tunnel-visioned idea that if you’re not writing, well, you should be reading, right?

There’s truth to that, make no mistake, but in a world where some of the best stories in the past decade have been told through not only novels but cinema, comic books, and video games, then actively depriving yourself of these experiences simply because of the form they are delivered in just highlights a pretentious refusal to accept their potential.

And this brings me, of all things, to one of my favourite bands, The Wonder Years.

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Warner Bros. Studio Tour, OR: Harry Potter World, UK Edition (11/12/14)

A few weeks ago Thea and I ventured an hour out from where we live in order to enter the magical land of Harry Potter, just off the M25 near Watford, and all courtesy of a GroupOn deal we purchased months prior.

We had just finished making our way through the entire Harry Potter series of movies on Blu-Ray a few months prior and had always intended to cap the cinematic journey with a trip to the Harry Potter tour in order to further immerse ourselves within the intricate world of Harry Potter’s kid-friendly, adult baiting, whimsical universe.

I’m a Harry Potter fan, for sure. I’ve read the books multiple times; I’ve watched the entire series of movies, anticipating each new one as they opened over the years, but I wouldn’t call myself a Pothead. Is that what hardcore Potter fans call themselves? Potheads? My girlfriend however sides more with the visual realm that Warner Bros. helped to create for the better part of ten years, and so there was plenty of anticipation between us for the night we had ahead of us, the promise of food, ‘special guests’ (who they never officially named or announced, as far as I know) and Butterbeer coming ever closer with each passing mile.

The trip was relatively uneventful, which is exactly how I prefer to have my car rides. I hate driving, especially for long periods of time, and so the best outcome of any long journey is an uneventful trip. Considering that the opposite would be a horrendously EVENTFUL experience, I’ll take an easy ride with Chris Jericho’s Podcast (interviewing Dean Ambrose) playing any day. And so, on a cold Thursday night in December, we journeyed to a place where they created a cinematic legacy, all from a book based on a boy wizard.


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