It has been three years, to the day, that Steve Jobs passed away. I will always be able to tie in his death to a number of key moments in my life; most notably: it was the last time I ever played a gig with my old pop punk band, Adventure Starts Tomorrow!

However, since his death the phrasing and popular, to the point of band wagon laziness, opinion of “if Steve were still alive”, or “this wouldn’t have happened if Steve were still here” has persisted to hound any, and every, decision that has since been made.

Whether I agree with these statements isn’t important, though I do have my opinions on it. I just wanted to take a moment to remember a man who, purported tyrant he was, has been a constant inspiration to myself and so many around the world.

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Life, And What You Make Of It

I saw this last night and couldn’t help but throw it up on my ‘little-blog-that-could’, WriteSteveWrite. As with so many people in this world, I am a dreamer, and this find perfectly captures the reason why being able to revel in the dream matters to people such as myself; those who hold down a job to allow themselves to be comfortable, though not necessarily wealthy, and showcase how important it is to be able to balance the need for money, with a need for following one’s dreams and passions; in my case writing and making movies. Helped along, it seems, by having an understanding, hard working, partner thrown into the equation.

It is a long road, and the challenges and pitfalls are numerous and random. Life has gotten in the way of any productivity for me right now, for example, but I’m hopeful it will all be worth it. Whether it’s due to Temporary, First Date, or even Gamers, or a mixture of all three, as long as I can make these things into a reality, that’s what matters more than anything else.

Those Roaring Twenties

Dan “Soupy” Campbell, lead singer from one of my favourite bands of all time, The Wonder Years, is releasing his first solo effort in the concept album ‘Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties.’ and I couldn’t be more excited for this endeavour.

Taken from their official Facebook page:

“Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties is a character study conducted through music by Wonder Years’ frontman, Dan Campbell.”

The idea of crafting a concept album has always appealed to me and, given the raw, lyrical beauty that Dan Campbell brings to the ‘heart on his sleeve’/’open honesty’ approach of what he scribes for the ever relatable The Wonder Years, Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties is a narrative idea that I look forward to listening to on repeat.

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Let’s Babble The Fuck On, London.

IMG_0009On Tuesday, July 2nd, at the Eventim Apollo I was able to be in attendance for a show that has recently heavily influenced me: Hollywood Babble-On.

Hosted by Ralph Garmin and Kevin Smith, Hollywood Babble-On is their unique take on that weeks most pressing Celebrity and Tinseltown related news and rumours, with both hosts unafraid to mock the happenings within the town they call home. Segments include analysing the madcap antics of Lindsey Lohan, Justin Beiber and the ever talented (note: sarcasm) Kim Kardashian as well as providing a deluge of information in the form of the Headlines and Geek News segments. It really is as fun as it is informative, and if you’ve never listened to Hollywood Babble-On, or even a Podcast, then theirs is a great place to start.

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