BJJ Lifestyle vs BJJ Life.

Ever since I was promoted to blue belt a few months ago there’s been a question a few people have been asking me recently, and it’s one that has been playing on my mind for a little while now: when are you competing?

Mike “The Nightmare” Neun

I’ve only ever participated in a competition once, an inter club no less, after training in BJJ for approximately 3 months. Needless to say, I got totally owned. It didn’t help that I was, at the time, heavy enough to be competing in a light heavyweight division – with opponents such as notable MMA competitor Mike “The Nightmare” Neun. Let’s just say it didn’t go my way.

Since then I have grown. Not just on the mats, but as a person, and all thanks to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am not disillusioned about my current position: I have, somehow, managed to become a blue belt, but I still have a long, long way to go.

I do not feel that I am as good as my teammates suggest, but, on that same note, I am perhaps not as bad as I believe myself to be. Either way, there is so much opportunity for personal growth through this sport, and I can’t wait to continue learning as much as I can.

The question then naturally segues to ‘why’? If you don’t intend to compete, why are you training at all? If you don’t want the medals and the accolades, why bother?

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WSW #4: Green Eyed Monster

It’s easy to be jealous, to succumb to that roiling, unsettling feeling, deep within the pit of your stomach. To look at somebody else and their accomplishments, some seemingly achieved so easily in relation to your own struggles, and allow that sense of odd displacement deep inside to knock you off balance can be totally natural reaction to most situation.

It’s being able to try and roll with the punches, to graciously accept the situation you may find yourself within, whatever it may be, and rise above that can help define character.

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