This July: A Fight For The Ages. Maybe.

Last night it was revealed that current UFC Featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, had suffered an unfortunate rib injury during training.

What at first appeared on my timeline as a horrible potential breaking story quickly turned into a torrent of news and thrown out opinion, all tied together with a singular common denominator: please, not this fight.

Having spent an undisclosed amount of money (surely in the millions at this point?) to promote this fight, not only with a World Tour press junket (the first of its kind to promote a title fight, where both Jose and Connor have done an amazing job of generating attention and controversy), but also extending to closing down the goddamned Las Vegas strip to shoot an awesome advert, the UFC have done a phenomenal job of promoting this fight as THE much watch fight of the year, if not the past few years.

Dana White (President of UFC) has gone so far as having said the following in March 2015 (taken from

“It’s a big deal fight. It’s a big enough deal that we are doing this world tour. I’m gonna go out there and say, we probably spend more money promoting this fight that we have ever spent on any fight in UFC history.”

As an MMA fan (this isn’t the first time I’ve written a blog piece on the UFC), and BJJ practitioner, I’ve infused my novel, Temporarywith a lot of inspiration from these disciplines. The action sequences, and the way that my protagonists carry themselves are based on a lot of reality from these two worlds, and so I, like many, have been eagerly anticipating this fight.

With my birthday only a few days after the 11th, it was almost like they had gifted the fight fan in me with this amazing early birthday gift!

The question becomes then: what options do the UFC currently have for UFC 189?

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TUFF Invitational (6/12/14)


This past Saturday I was lucky enough to attend the first ever TUFF Invitational tournament, courtesy of two free tickets I won via Jiu Jitsu Style (the BJJ magazine for the Gentlemanly Connoisseur of the Gentle Art).

I’m not particularly blessed with the graceful touch of Lady Luck, as the shamefully high amount of ripped up lottery tickets I’ve thrown away over the years can attest to, but the Jiu Jitsu Gods were smiling upon me when my name was drawn, and on Thursday I received an e-mail from BJJ Style informing me that I had won the opportunity to witness the first of what could be many.

For those unfamiliar, here’s the lazy comparison point: the TUFF Invitational is the UK’s attempt at the USA’s Metamoris.

20 minute rounds, no points, submission only, super fights, all taking place on an impossibly perfect white mat canvas. The only thing missing was the continuous drumming that has become a staple that accompanies all Metamoris fights – though I honestly haven’t decided whether that’s actually a pro or con just yet.

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Glamping? Nah, Let’s Go Virtual Camping.

I’ve mentioned over the past few months that I have been attempting to make it a frequent habit to stow myself away in my office, slaving away on what I hope will become my debut novel, Temporary. Like a drug addled junkie, only craving an opportunity to commit more words to a story than dealing with the Heisenberg’s fabled Blue Sky.

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Why UFC 175 Actually Matters.

It seems recently that to consider yourself a contemporary fight fan means to sink hours upon hours of your life into sub par events, headlined by unestablished names and ‘rough around the edges’ fighters.

Now, I’m not against watching two no name guys slug it out, considering that once upon a time, like most things in life, the now well established fighters were once no name guys as well. GSP, for example, was not always the recognised name and face that he is now; he earned that right by fighting hard and representing a fledgling sport in a fantastically humble manner.

But with the influx of of fight cards, it’s hard to argue against the over saturation that MMA is now finding itself in. With multiple cards taking place every other week and some actually occurring on the same day (!!!), MMA has found itself in a position where the ‘hardcore’ fan is struggling to justify the three hour incremenets in which to watch each card. Too many cards, in too quick a succession simply dilutes the product, which is why it’s refreshing to see that tonights UFC 175 actually matters.

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Oh, Snap.

Last Monday, the 16th of June 2014, will now always be etched into my memory as the day that I accidentally did something I never thought I ever would, thanks to a completely freak accident: I broke someone’s arm.

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