Wonder For Years

Turns out the pursuit to live a creative life is a constant struggle between managing fantastical expectation vs reality and the need to get some damn food in your stomach on a daily basis.

It’s also one that should see you take influence from everything you can draw from.

I’ve written before about the importance of being able to take that influence, that inspiration, from a number of different outlets. Limiting yourself to only one, in a world so rich and abundant with great stories, told in wonderfully engaging and, occasionally, dynamic ways is akin to blind stupidity. A tunnel-visioned idea that if you’re not writing, well, you should be reading, right?

There’s truth to that, make no mistake, but in a world where some of the best stories in the past decade have been told through not only novels but cinema, comic books, and video games, then actively depriving yourself of these experiences simply because of the form they are delivered in just highlights a pretentious refusal to accept their potential.

And this brings me, of all things, to one of my favourite bands, The Wonder Years.

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Trailers: Expectation VS Reality

E3 is behind us now, having finished last week – a perpetual age in Internet Years, and I’ve found myself with an annoying gnawing feeling within me that I wanted to discuss here on Write Steve Write.


Primarily, the bullshit lies they peddle with so fine a glossy, shiny, casing.

Note: I wrote up my thoughts on my main E3 Takeaway’s last week, which you can jump to here!

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Those Roaring Twenties

Dan “Soupy” Campbell, lead singer from one of my favourite bands of all time, The Wonder Years, is releasing his first solo effort in the concept album ‘Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties.’ and I couldn’t be more excited for this endeavour.

Taken from their official Facebook page:

“Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties is a character study conducted through music by Wonder Years’ frontman, Dan Campbell.”

The idea of crafting a concept album has always appealed to me and, given the raw, lyrical beauty that Dan Campbell brings to the ‘heart on his sleeve’/’open honesty’ approach of what he scribes for the ever relatable The Wonder Years, Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties is a narrative idea that I look forward to listening to on repeat.

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WSW #3: This Shit Won’t Write Itself AKA: The Anti-Facebook Movement

Don’t use Facebook.

That’s a piece of advice that I’m trying to heed myself and, although it seems to be nothing more than an overly simplistic, and obvious, pro point, believe me when I say breaking the habit, to allow yourself to embrace your creative flow, is way easier said than done.

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