Achievement Unlocked: Write Steve Write!

Tonight is a monumental night for me, as I have finally finished the first draft, some might say the ‘vomit draft’, of my manuscript, Temporary. What originally began as an idea for an eight issue comic book has grown and evolved into something more: bigger, better and more exciting, providing a new path and passion for me within a life that has had numerous roadblocks, obstacles and gatekeepers appearing unexpectedly (like a random battle in Pokemon) over and over, getting in the way of the dreams and life goals I strive towards.

The story behind the initial creation of the sheer concept of Temporary is an interesting one, filled with sighs and protracted disappointment. But its growth and resurrected, Phoenix-like life, has led it to becoming a wonderful, 112,191 word project, spread over 194 (A4) pages.

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Glamping? Nah, Let’s Go Virtual Camping.

I’ve mentioned over the past few months that I have been attempting to make it a frequent habit to stow myself away in my office, slaving away on what I hope will become my debut novel, Temporary. Like a drug addled junkie, only craving an opportunity to commit more words to a story than dealing with the Heisenberg’s fabled Blue Sky.

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WSW #4: Green Eyed Monster

It’s easy to be jealous, to succumb to that roiling, unsettling feeling, deep within the pit of your stomach. To look at somebody else and their accomplishments, some seemingly achieved so easily in relation to your own struggles, and allow that sense of odd displacement deep inside to knock you off balance can be totally natural reaction to most situation.

It’s being able to try and roll with the punches, to graciously accept the situation you may find yourself within, whatever it may be, and rise above that can help define character.

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WSW #3: This Shit Won’t Write Itself AKA: The Anti-Facebook Movement

Don’t use Facebook.

That’s a piece of advice that I’m trying to heed myself and, although it seems to be nothing more than an overly simplistic, and obvious, pro point, believe me when I say breaking the habit, to allow yourself to embrace your creative flow, is way easier said than done.

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