Hobbled New Year.

I flick the switch and watch as the fluorescent light flickers with an audible ting-ting-ting, flashing multiple times until, mercifully, it decides to stay on.

Surveying the room – a downstairs basement long forgotten – I notice the lone desk situated in the middle, a weathered leather chair situated on the other side of it.
Dust had decided that this was its domain now and blanketed everything in a fine, undisturbed layer. If it were snow, you might think it was pretty. As it stood, it only made me want to sneeze.

Walking over, I observe the computer sat proudly on the desk, the only thing on it bar a notebook. Leaning in, I find the power switch on the back of the bezel and with a single press am reassured when a familiar chime booms through in a pleasant sing-song tone.

The screens blue hue joins the fluorescent yellow as I pull the chair out and take a seat. Picking up the book, I use the back of my hand to cast the dust aside, opening the cover and taking pleasure in the crack the spine lets out.

All my notes are still there. The computer still works, and my story was ready to continue.

“Let’s do this,” I say to myself, ignoring how alone the walls make me feel as they absorb the sound. “Let’s do this, 2018, you sonovabitch”


So it’s a new year. 2018. The future.

The last time I updated was back in the long, long ago of 2017 – before November came and went, before Christmas consumed my December, prior to my being promoted to purple belt (!!!), and before New Years brought with it a mixture of merriment and punishment…

So what demanded so much of my time?

Lean closer, I don’t want everyone to know just yet. Just you, because you’re special. Not like him. He’s awful.

*hears disgruntled objections*

Huh? Oh, nothing. Just saying how great you are!

You see? Quick now, let me tell you what you want to know…

I’ve been working on a new story.

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E3 Takeways: Yes! Yes! Yes! or No! No! No!

Another year, another E3 for us to sink our teeth in to, foaming rabidly at the mouth for properties and games that are still but a tiny dot in the distance of the horizon that makes up our lives, providing ample time for speculation, uncontrollable fandom expectations and, in a lot of cases, that most popular Internet hobby of all: trolling.

Y’know, cause #yolo, right?

E3 2015 brought with it a shift within the gaming industry, (mass) effecting (teehee) gamer culture and its wider audience – even if they aren’t fully aware of it.


This is the first real E3 where the majority of the press conferences detailed primarily current gen technology, with little to no acknowledgement of old faithfuls, the PS3 and Xbox 360, who at this point have been treated a little like Old Yeller by company execs.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it may have taken the better part of, what, two years, but we’re finally here: we’re finally living in the current generation actual.

I’ve never made it a secret that I take inspiration from a wide range of geeky past times, and gaming is one of the bigger ones I choose to take part in – usually making myself feel guilty the entire time because, y’know, I should maybe be writing instead? (just me?)

Watching E3 has never been about getting caught up in mindless excitement for me; I’m looking out for things that resonate with me, that excite me on an intellectual level, engaging me on a deeper level where I think to myself: this looks like a story worth telling; that looks like a character worth knowing.

And, man, did the big boys come out blazing!

So indulge me, if you will, as I lay out the major takeaways I had from E3, rounding up the major hits, and big time misses, that stuck with me, with second opinion giver and guest blogger from YouTube channel, Ctl Alt Defeat, Jamieson.

Note: Obviously, this is all personal opinion, so if I’m missing a game that took your breath away, bear that in mind. But how will you know?

Well, read on, intrepid reader.

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