WSW #5: On That Point…

A few weeks ago I wrote about social media being the enemy to creativity; this week a new video was released on YouTube. Please take a few minutes to watch its message, as I feel it is poignant to what I was trying to express.

Granted, it isn’t the best film to accompany the words that are so powerful; it kind of reeks of a first year film project, but that can, and should, be forgiven considering the overall quality of its message.

I believe in what this video has to say, and I believe that its message transcends its intended target: yes, it’s about social media in relation to life, but I truly believe that social media is a total creativity killer. One that can be staved off with discipline and focus; not simple for someone who has borderline ADD, I’m sure.

Also, please ignore, or be forgiving to, the irony of the video being on YouTube, and probably being found by the majority through promotion via YouTube/Facebook or, yes, even here on a WordPress Blog.

WSW #1: Yes! Yes! Yes!

As I write this, on the 1st of April 2014, it has been two years since I fulfilled a childhood dream of mine by attending the amazing spectacle that was Wrestlemania XXVIII. As a life long WWE fan, this was a huge moment for me. I had attended wrestling events in the past whenever they found themselves crossing the pond to perform for us over here in sunny ol’ England, but to put up the cash, purchase tickets, fly across the fucking planet in order to watch the wonderfully wacky world of professional wrestling unfold in front of me, let alone the fact it was goddamn Wrestlemania…well, it was an undeniable geekgasm of an experience for me.


Two years have passed since then, and a lot of things have changed.

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