The Great Exposure Fallicy.

Excuse the title, which I realise sounds like some sort of post-modern funk/jazz fusion band. That aside, I do feel it perfectly apt for what I want to talk about.

Temporary is in the bag as much as humanly possible. I went through once more with a fine-tooth comb to primp and polish it as much as possible with another grammar run through – which felt much like the Death Star run, looking for all those cheeky errors in much the same way Luke sought the exhaust port (is that dirty? It sounds dirty.) All that’s left now is to try and wait patiently for the agencies to eventually respond in kind. Until then I remain on my ‘stepping stone’ home.

In the interim, however, and in an attempt to cajole myself into writing more consistently, turning the practice into a resolute habit, I have taken to writing articles as well as offering my assistance as a narrative consultant to a gamut of differing potential opportunities. None of which offer any pay. Which is fine, to a point. Afterall, one does not simply walk into their dream job. But after years of stop/start chances (video games, anime, wrestling – all the fun, pop culture touch stones, none of the long-term monetary benefits of steady, loyal paid work!),  it’s hard not to wonder why one might bother working so hard for nothing in return.


If only it were that simple, Joker, old chum…

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Last night, numerous places around the world were victim to a number of horrific terrorist attacks. Today, the world reels as it processes and strives to figure out what, exactly, happened, giving a timeline to the madness.

Here’s the BBC’s attempts to collate a time line of what occurred in Paris last night: “What We Know

My thoughts, like so many others around the world, are with the victims and the citizens, not only of Paris, but of Lebanon and Baghdad as well. Don’t allow borders to separate us in this time of human suffering and loss; we are all human, after all.

My view on this is pretty straight forward.

I am a product of multicultural up bringing. This is reflected in how I am as a person, the way I look at the world, and the way I do every day things whether it’s writing, relaxing, communicating, or whatever.

I like to consider myself an open, liberated soul when it comes to how to treat other people. I do not judge or make judgement based on preconceived ideas of who I might think you are, based on religious belief or skin colour. I wholeheartedly believe that self entitled, deluded assholes exist across the entire spectrum that comprise humanity.

Your belief doesn’t make you an asshole. Your politics don’t make you an asshole. Your skin colour doesn’t make you an asshole.

Sometimes, unfortunately, people are just assholes, with a remarkable need to thrust their beliefs/opinions in your face. Borders don’t dictate this.

If there’s one thing I want to express with this quick post, as the world showcases humanity’s beautiful ability to come together in tragedy, it’s this:

Don’t be a dick. Don’t become an asshole.

We all have our issues, we all have our ambitions, and we all have to cope and deal with our failures; but at least, today, we are alive to do so.

In the face of these horrible acts, be grateful that today you have the opportunity to hold or see your loved ones. Others aren’t so lucky.

Paris Peace Sign, created by Jean Jullien