Stepping Stones, Empty Thrones.

Do you want to know a secret? A frustrating, annoying, internally – and eternally – sore spot of contentious reality?

This thing I want to do with my life, this wondrous ambition of wanting to, somehow, write for a career as a means of putting food on the table forever more? Well, and lean in close now, here’s the thing: there’s no ladder. None. Zip. Nada.

With a lot of other jobs and career paths, there tends to be a path. Some are more defined than others, with a clean chain of command. A hierarchy that is evident to those that want to clamber up that chain until they attain the position they so desperately desire.

Others…well, others are chaos, with no defined objectives and pathways.

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Trailers: Expectation VS Reality

E3 is behind us now, having finished last week – a perpetual age in Internet Years, and I’ve found myself with an annoying gnawing feeling within me that I wanted to discuss here on Write Steve Write.


Primarily, the bullshit lies they peddle with so fine a glossy, shiny, casing.

Note: I wrote up my thoughts on my main E3 Takeaway’s last week, which you can jump to here!

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