Gen Con: Day Four (17/08/2014)

The final day of Gen Con finally rolled around, and with it, the excitement for that nights Summerslam event. But first, the day.

Rolling out of bed at 9:30, after allowing ourselves an actual lie in (despite the fact I’ve been getting up at least an hour before my set alarm every day), we made our way back over to Indy’s for another phenomenal breakfast. My anti-diet pill consisted of the ‘Ultimate Omelette’, complete with country style breakfast potatoes (whatever those are) and a choice of breakfast bread. I elected for the banana walnut, and didn’t look back, despite what my health conscious, guilt tripping, brain was trying to tell me. Or was that my now clogging arteries?


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Gen Con: Day Three (16/08/2014)

I finally got the chance to meet the Doctor yesterday. Well, at the very least a beverage that felt like it was taking me through time and space. The amount of caffeine, and the flavour involved, made it feel all timey wimey, what with my heart racing and senses heightened and whatnot. It was fucking awesome, and all thanks to an indy Indy coffee shop: Bee Coffee Roasters.


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Comparison is Counter Productive

A few weeks ago I decried the love/hate relationship that I have with social media, primarily: Facebook.

A video published to YouTube on June 2nd by the user account HigtonBros managed to capture a lot of the issues that I have with Facebook, Facebook Culture and Facebook’s unconscious ability to coax people to post/act like total dicks through the fine art of the Humble Brag.

Scope out the video below, and let me know your thoughts on the debate: is Facebook a destructive tool, not only in regards to creativity but in how you can value your own sense of self worth? Is it the people using it, or the way people are simply reacting to what is posted that is at fault here? And, more importantly, what is the most effective way you can exorcise the addictive demon that is Facebook from your life?


WSW #1: Yes! Yes! Yes!

As I write this, on the 1st of April 2014, it has been two years since I fulfilled a childhood dream of mine by attending the amazing spectacle that was Wrestlemania XXVIII. As a life long WWE fan, this was a huge moment for me. I had attended wrestling events in the past whenever they found themselves crossing the pond to perform for us over here in sunny ol’ England, but to put up the cash, purchase tickets, fly across the fucking planet in order to watch the wonderfully wacky world of professional wrestling unfold in front of me, let alone the fact it was goddamn Wrestlemania…well, it was an undeniable geekgasm of an experience for me.


Two years have passed since then, and a lot of things have changed.

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