“Do there have to be zombies?”

This story is another example of how “nobody knows anything.” It highlights the apalling nature of attempted collective ‘contribution’ by meddling suits that harbour no respect or reverance for source material or original concepts.

The suggestion that is made wallows in the depths of sub-mediocrity,  unabashed in its brazen attempt to change something that they, as a collective homogenous entity – the ‘suits’, the ‘man’ – don’t understand or appreciate. They don’t care about what makes it special. They don’t care about what makes it unique. They don’t care.

It’s a sobering insight into the TV studio system and is, most probably, representative of film as well. It’s also one of the key reasons I decided to try and take the destiny of Temporary into my own hands, crafting a story that hasn’t been bastardised by agenda/quota/fucktards mixing unmitigaged business ‘ideas cum strategy’ into a creative space.

One vision, mired by a table of cooks, eager to force their own thoughts into an already formed idea.

Breathe, Steve, breathe…

Ok. Let’s take a step back…

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Out Of Order?

This blog is going to have a slight change in topic compared to a lot of the others I’ve previously made, which focused primarily on my writing expedition with Temporary. And, although the rewrite process continues with an increasingly diligent regularity – which is still contributing to my lack of blog updates – I’ve taken some time out today to do something I’ve not afforded myself in a while: I decided to enjoy some time off.

More importantly, I’ve decided to take some time off for myself today, and NOT thoroughly beat myself up over it.

Note: Totally not me.

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