The Great Exposure Fallicy.

Excuse the title, which I realise sounds like some sort of post-modern funk/jazz fusion band. That aside, I do feel it perfectly apt for what I want to talk about.

Temporary is in the bag as much as humanly possible. I went through once more with a fine-tooth comb to primp and polish it as much as possible with another grammar run through – which felt much like the Death Star run, looking for all those cheeky errors in much the same way Luke sought the exhaust port (is that dirty? It sounds dirty.) All that’s left now is to try and wait patiently for the agencies to eventually respond in kind. Until then I remain on my ‘stepping stone’ home.

In the interim, however, and in an attempt to cajole myself into writing more consistently, turning the practice into a resolute habit, I have taken to writing articles as well as offering my assistance as a narrative consultant to a gamut of differing potential opportunities. None of which offer any pay. Which is fine, to a point. Afterall, one does not simply walk into their dream job. But after years of stop/start chances (video games, anime, wrestling – all the fun, pop culture touch stones, none of the long-term monetary benefits of steady, loyal paid work!),  it’s hard not to wonder why one might bother working so hard for nothing in return.


If only it were that simple, Joker, old chum…

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Ego Attack, featuring Constructive Criticism.

From Canada to Wales, the past few weeks have been pretty non stop for me, with my days filled from the breaking of the dawn to late at night. Finally though, my time in Wales draws to an end, and normality once again beckons me.

If you recall, I intended to use Canada as my key motivating factor in sending off my manuscript for some much needed feedback. After much deliberation, research, and second guessing, I ended up using the Writers Workshop, who paired my manuscript up with someone they deemed compatible with the story I was trying to tell, and the rest was just a waiting game. That is, only after departing with a sizeable amount of change, of course. Once I had committed the cash, galvanising my resolve in getting this book a) done, and b) in a shape presentable to potential publishers, all that was left to do was enjoy Canada and all the sights, sounds, tastes and vibes that Vancouver had to offer us – an adventure I’ve documented with my previous Vancouver blogs.

After the last day passed in Vancouver, I was a little concerned to see that no feedback had arrived in my inbox as of yet, and was aware that I wanted to share this part of the process with you here at Write Steve Write as openly as I could.

Deep in my heart I was naively hoping that, because it was so good, they wanted to shower it with deep praise, perhaps wanting to bring it to the attention the Writers Workshop in order to help push it into the awaiting hands of publishers.

Wishful thinking.

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