Ride The Wave

Today marks the sixth wave of submissions that have been sent out, like little hopeful messages in bottles thrown errantly out into an uncaring ocean, all in the hopes that one will be found by that one person that will see it, resonate with it, and decide to join me on this journey to publication.

Because that’s a key thing to remember here: even if I do find representation in between the mountainous piles of (virtual) rejection notes, it’s simply another step towards the eventual end goal: getting the damn thing into your hands.

Whether it’s via a brick and mortar bookstore (kicking it, old school) or through the magic of the magnificent inter webs, delivering it to your Kindle, all that matters in this long (arduous) endeavour is that you can read it, absorb it and, hopefully, enjoy it.

Just today I came to a double-edged realisation: I’ve been submitting longer than I thought. Also, time is a cruel, harsh mistress. *cries deeply as, like sands through an hourglass, yada yada*

In the time I have been sending Temporary out to agencies, one particular agent (that I had high hopes for) has actually switched to another agency. Its also been about six months since I contacted him at his previous agency. So, why does this matter?

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Conned, Man.

It was all going so well.

My trip away to Dallas, Texas for Wrestlemania 32, followed by 5 days of pure Dallas exploration and fun, had been a great trip. The wrestling was amazing, the atmosphere electric – despite the unfortunate, dangerously overcrowded, queues that led us to being stuck outside the AT&T Stadium in searing heat for over 4 hours, missing the first hour and a half of the event, including the pre show/intro to Mania/national anthem, as well as the first portion of the first match – and Dallas had proven to be a welcoming city with plenty to see in the remaining time we had.

Last year, I chronicled my Vancouver vacation with a daily round up. I didn’t do that this year, primarily because I’d forgotten to bring my wireless keyboard and I hate using the iPad keyboard for blogging. Also the WordPress app seriously lacks compared to their web build.

I was going to reminisce and roundup our Texas vacation here when I got back, uploading fun photos and experiences to share on Write Steve Write, recounting all the good times we had for those interested (note: I still may do, if anybody wants to see our snaps!)

What a shame then, that in the last few hours of being the USA, Thea and I fell victim to a con man LITERALLY on the Dartline (think metro system) to Dallas Fort Worth airport.

That’s right. On the way home, en route to the airport, in a momentary lapse of tired judgement that is totally out of character for the both of us, we allowed ourselves to be conned out of $35.

The money itself isn’t the issue for me, per se. Don’t get me wrong, it IS an issue, but it’s more the situation. More the fact that I like to think I’m not a stupid or easily manipulated individual, yet here I am having been well and truly Jedi mind tricked.


It sucks, and the more I think about it the more it eats me up, despite advice from my parents and Thea to let it go. Don’t let it ruin the vacation and all the time we spent there, all the things we saw together. Let it just be life experience. Unfortunate, stupid, messy life experience.

And I will. I’ll get over it. But first I need to deconstruct it. I need to understand how, and why it happened.

So…how did it happen?

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Start As You Mean To Go

So here we are with a New Year. 2016. A new year, a fresh start, a blank slate. Right?


Not exactly.

So many times, like you, I imagine, I’ve heard and seen people make commitments that you know, in your heart of hearts, that they won’t be able to commit to.

“I’m going to do [insert this/that].”

And all you can do is tune out slightly and rest your eyes, a fixed smile on your face as you nod your head in agreement.

But why?

Why do these resolutions and promises fail? Is it because they’re overextending? Attempting to reach way too far with unrealistic goals, considering they’re starting from zero?

Most probably.

If I started out this year with a goal in mind, let’s say I wanted to strive to get my black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Well, I’m a one stripe blue belt and have been for almost a year now. Is it possible for me to go from one stripe blue, to black in the 365? No way! Why? Because it’s way too big a goal.

So, what’s the answer?

Like with Temporary, it’s down to making small, seemingly tiny, unrelated progressions, that all, hopefully, add up to a much bigger picture.

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Lost In Velen.


Somehow an entire month+ has slipped by since my last blog, wherein I reviewed Andrzej Sapkowski’s The Last Wish, in preparation for playing The Witcher 3.

Why? What’s been going on with my life and, more importantly, what’s been going on with Temporary to explain the unexpected sabbatical?

Well, the answer is oh-so-discreetly alluded to above: I’ve been lost traversing Velen, Novigrad and Skellige in pursuit of Ciri, filling the boots of monster hunter extraordinaire, Geralt of Rivia.

As lost as I’ve been within The Witcher 3’s expansive, impressive, detailed, and immersive lands, losing myself amongst its lore, people, and cultures, things haven’t entirely stopped on the Temporary front. Far from it.

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Out Of Order?

This blog is going to have a slight change in topic compared to a lot of the others I’ve previously made, which focused primarily on my writing expedition with Temporary. And, although the rewrite process continues with an increasingly diligent regularity – which is still contributing to my lack of blog updates – I’ve taken some time out today to do something I’ve not afforded myself in a while: I decided to enjoy some time off.

More importantly, I’ve decided to take some time off for myself today, and NOT thoroughly beat myself up over it.

Note: Totally not me.

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Ego Attack, featuring Constructive Criticism.

From Canada to Wales, the past few weeks have been pretty non stop for me, with my days filled from the breaking of the dawn to late at night. Finally though, my time in Wales draws to an end, and normality once again beckons me.

If you recall, I intended to use Canada as my key motivating factor in sending off my manuscript for some much needed feedback. After much deliberation, research, and second guessing, I ended up using the Writers Workshop, who paired my manuscript up with someone they deemed compatible with the story I was trying to tell, and the rest was just a waiting game. That is, only after departing with a sizeable amount of change, of course. Once I had committed the cash, galvanising my resolve in getting this book a) done, and b) in a shape presentable to potential publishers, all that was left to do was enjoy Canada and all the sights, sounds, tastes and vibes that Vancouver had to offer us – an adventure I’ve documented with my previous Vancouver blogs.

After the last day passed in Vancouver, I was a little concerned to see that no feedback had arrived in my inbox as of yet, and was aware that I wanted to share this part of the process with you here at Write Steve Write as openly as I could.

Deep in my heart I was naively hoping that, because it was so good, they wanted to shower it with deep praise, perhaps wanting to bring it to the attention the Writers Workshop in order to help push it into the awaiting hands of publishers.

Wishful thinking.

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When It Rains, It Pours

It’s the final day of my detox and, as usual, it featured a number of highs and lows. The lows consisting of a non stop pounding headache, and hiding under the duvets for a half hour in the vain hope that it would subside; the highs being how much lighter I feel (and weigh – which is 10 pounds lighter, incidentally) and that I finally, FINALLY, feel cleared of all the excess I was carrying around from the Christmas period.

Seven days is the shortest cleanse I’ve ever committed to, with my usual countdown consisting of ten. The longest I have ever attempted, and will never attempt again incidentally, is fourteen.

The fourteen was way too long, and I have fond memories of counting down the seconds of the last day, much in the way that I am now. I can’t lie, for all the good the cleanse does for me (coupled with my BJJ) I can’t wait for that first meal tomorrow. Time today seems to be slowing down purposefully in order to stretch the goal posts that bit further away, but it’s only a matter of time, and I’m dedicated to the cause. Plus I’m one stubborn S.O.B.

I’ve used the time during my juicing cleanse to look into what steps I can now take with my finished manuscript, Temporary. How, pray tell, can you take it from a shit load of words on a screen, to being pound, published, and available in all good book stores near you? The ‘what next’ of the situation has always been one that has confounded me. From my short film, First Date, to my first feature length script, Gamers, it’s always the next step. What next?

Well, I’m determined to make something happen with Temporary. I believe in Temporary, and I believe that there is a message within it that will resonate with an audience once it has the ability to do so. So…what next?

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